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Free Musketeers

To Beziar!

MR23/Untamed Empires

To the town of Beziar! Smoke rises from the shipyards and stormclouds hover over the town. Bernard could smell trickery and magic. Perfidious Albions must have conjured up a storm to confound the Empires plans for a navy.

Megane the troubadour could not tell if this so, or an amazing coincidence, but in any case, there was no time to lose. The town was burning and the shipyards were in flames. They had to find the shipwright they had come for, and quickly!

At the harbour, a merchant ship is in trouble, having crashed into the docks, it's crew abandoning the stricken vessel. Megane uses her magic to teleport some off, while Bernard calls upon the strength of his inertia ancestors and charges into the hold, pulling out a man who was trapped under falling timber. Al has swum to the ship and is supervising more sailor's escape, encouraging them to swim for it.

They see on the dockside the man they have come to recruit, the twin of the choirmaster of Sardonee, Arnaud. He is dealing professionally with his life's work going up in flames around him. Bernard tries to get his attention with an arm on the shoulder, but Al more diplomatically gives him the letter of introduction from his twin.

Megane takes charge of some of the ship's crew, most notably a young noble girl, her servant and a pet panther. All of the group retreat back out of the town, to collect their horses, any remaining refugees and to seek shelter in a lumber camp outside and away from the fire and the storm.

The noble girl, Lady Acasia, introduces herself. She is coping very well with the difficult circumstances, a sign of her impeccable upbringing. Bernard speaks to Arnaud, promising money, independence and the celestium that Arnaud will require to build a fleet capable of defeating the Albions at sea.

Back to Sardonee, then the Hotel du Pont as they return to Solrayon's fief. A little card playing to relax, perhaps with some of the other travellers at the hotel.

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