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Free Musketeers

Time to Ride

MR23/Untamed Empires

There were an awful lot of goat tracks around the Solrayon-sur-Mer, but Bernard L'Arbre hadn't seen a large number of goats to go with them. Perhaps the villagers were up to some petty smuggling. Bernard didn't see the point of it. What did the Albions have that people wanted? Fish and potatoes were poor trades for wine and fresh fruit.

He put the thought out of his mind. Piracy was far more interesting than smuggling. He'd found a quid of second hand tobacco and plenty of confusing tracks in one of the sandy coves below. The pirates themselves had melted into the countryside.

The murderous rogues had a plan. Snatching the shipwright Bernard had come to secure might be their scheme. He'd have to take the man into protective custody. Time to stop wandering around goat tracks.

This is what won Dukedoms, dash and decision. A few squads from his regiment could secure the village while they were gone. Artillery battery on the headland would give the Albions a nasty surprise if they tried their piracy twice on the same place.

Bernard jogged back down the headland to the village. There were people to order to saddle horses and orders to be sent by fast courier. It was time to ride like the wind!

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