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Ark Raiders

The Plot Thickens


Malthus and Bollez join up with Pendle and Dana. Dana, entranced by the fireworks, doesn’t notice he’s being circled by pickpockets, but Pendle warns them away.. They go to the Two Tuns where Dana tells them what he’d been drinking at the Flax, and asks for something that doesn’t make him feel funny. After a time Dana starts getting sick while they make their way to the Civil Defence to check on the “bombs” they’d turned over. They find the canisters open and Dana, in Pantheran form, says they smell like cinnamon, but the smell dissipates outside the mesh wire of the storage locker. We work out way to the ball to make sure of its safety with whatever happened to escape the canisters. When we arrive the party has broken up early due to Lommar’s watch showing up. Dana sniffs around for a cinnamon smell but finds nothing. The others question the staff. Dana throws up on the floor and the clean up staff are angry and make us leave. Dana learns the new ambassador carries a sword on her back.

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