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Tomorrow Knights

TK AAR 3 Village Encounter


We trekked into the zone the first night.  I’m not sure my lungs will ever get used to the thick, invasive feel of the air.  Outside the village, I detected something as large as an elephant moving through the undergrowth tearing up trees as it went.  I reported back and headed back to the location to see what it was once the sun rose. There were three things that looks like a cross between a triceratops and a beetle.  Under its carapace, there was the appearance of lava. The beasts continued their path of destruction and scorching to the river. When they got to the water their “lava” seemed to cool and stop glowing.  They were joined there by two large men in medieval armor. The beetles were tame and almost affectionate with the barbarians.


During the day an armored rider came to the village riding a leathery winged dragon.  That evening, I snuck up to the village where I saw a group of the barbarians gathered around a bonfire that was burning black flames. Roasting something human sized.  The barbarians seem to see fine in the black flame. There was a lantern nearby that also burnt black. I saw a villager up close. He had enlarged eye sockets, pustules over his face, and fingers had elongated.  Other villagers seemed to be affected similarly. 


We stayed throughout the day and a man with a snake-like body arrived and seemed to be some type of dignitary.  The guard was increased around the village. We came back to base that night.


Reporting on my health: Sensitive areas such as nostrils, eyes, ears, lungs seem to have developed a soreness from exposure to the zone. There is cracking and bleeding around my nails.  Hanging seen the deformities the villagers have developed, it is concerning seeing my body deteriorate.

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