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Ssoren vo Ssartis


Name: Ssoren vo Ssartis

Age: 24

Race: Dregordian

Class/Type: Adept (focused on diplomacy and outreach)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ssoren vo Ssartis is on the small side for his kind, just over 7' in height and a lean (for Dregordians) 425 lb. His scales are primarily a rich forest green, with mottled banding of a flatter sage green. He dyes the scales on the right side of his body an earthy brown in memory of the scale colors of his lost life-mate. His eyes are a green-gold and he tends to be gently amused most of the time, frequently with a crooked grin.
In terms of his body morphology, he tends less toward the "crocodile" aspect many Dregordians have; instead, he's more "lizard-like", his head shape and body proportions more suggestive of a skink or other common lizard than the heavy, crested heads and sturdy bodies of others. His tail is a bit longer in proportion to his size than other Dregordians and between his graceful, nearly iridescent body and his friendly, open face he could almost be described as "cute".


Weapons/Gear: Backpack, shoulder bag, kayakor, tunic, scale armor, left arm bracer, modest jewelry. Ssoren wears basic scale armor over a simple gray fabric tunic cut to hang below his waist but slit open in the back to allow his tail to move freely. He has a battered old steel bracer strapped to his left arm and wears several decorative and symbolic beaded and metal-ring bracelets stacked on his right wrist. He wears laces on sandals and wraps his legs with leather thongs from sandals to the knee. He also keeps a tiny pouch on a leather thong around his neck with a personal memento inside.

Ssoren carries a simple canvas rucksack on his back, a shoulder bag with other supplies slung across his body, and for weaponry he carries only his lost mate's Kayakor (polearm). It has the central blade that most share, and it's flanked by smaller perpendicular axe-type blades on either side of the central blade, on one side rounded out like an axe blade (or a waxing gibbous moon, which it's intended to evoke) and on the other a crescent-shaped blade whose negative space echoes the shape of the blade on the other side (like a waning crescent moon, once again the intended reference).

Characterization notes: Ssoren's just a big friendly lizard. He would much rather get to know somebody than fight. He's fully devoted to the Way and even though he's kind of lonely and still mourns his love (inappropriately for Dregordian culture, which is one of the reasons he left to travel the rest of Shaintar) he still sees himself as an exemplar of what that is supposed to mean, an informal ambassador of the Way and of his people, and he always tries to do the right thing, even if no one's watching, and he's always willing to stick his neck out to help someone.

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