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Rangers at Large

Spring Trainee Class 3129


Woodcutter Bandit Raid

Spring Ranger Trainee Class 3129

Woodcutter Bandit Raid


Pursuant to orders, three cadets from this Spring’s Graduating Class were assigned to a routine patrol north and east of Kythros in response to reports of bandit activity. Ranger Corporal Ayren Thornvine of the “Ironwood Elves” of Tar’Imas was placed in command. To him were assigned:
Sslississ, Dregrodian warrior adept
Eldrin the Leaf Fist, Korindian martial artists
Cheyanne, brinchie warrior

On the morning of their graduation, the Trainees reported to their post, received orders, and proceeded north-east on horseback, travelling some 25 miles along the Ey’Vas road. Camping that evening in the rain, they woke the following day and departed the main road, cutting cross country.

Late in the day, Eldrin suggested they doff their Ranger cloaks to provoke the bandits into attack. To that end, they faked injuries to Sslississ in order to entice the bandits to attack a “weak target.”

Turning ever northward, on the following day, Cheyanne in forward scout position noted a column of smoke against the trees of the Caal Wood. She dutifully reported the sighting and Corporal Thornvine ordered his men forward, first on horse, then as the ground grew congested, on foot having hobbled the horses.

As the Rangers cleared the forest treeline, they came upon a large logging encampment engulfed in flames. From within they heard the screams of the innocents. The bandits were attacking.

Using the smoke as cover, the Rangers closed to within bow range before being spotted. The Bandits attacked the smaller party, though unlikely aware they faced Rangers.

Per orders, Trainee Cheyanne flanked the south side of the village, skirting around the bandit archers. Trainee Eldrin and Corporal Thornvine moved from cover to cover. Trainee Sslississ called upon his Dregordian savagery and hurled himself headlong into the enemy ranks.

It was a close-fought thing. The Rangers were sorely outnumbered. Sslississ was quickly surrounded and Eldrin was peppered with arrows as he closed on the bandits. Corporal Thornvine took cover behind a well but was quickly flanked and placed on the back foot.

Still, despite taking serious injury, the Rangers worked together and began to winnow the ranks. At the height of the battle, the enemy commander used foul Thaumaturgy to summon a minotaur which charged Slississ doing him grievous wounds. However, the dregordian refused to fall, felling the beast in turn.

That signaled the tide turning, and the Rangers eventually mopped up the stragglers, but not before their leader escaped east. The Rangers were able to capture a prisoner which was brought back to HQ for interrogation.

After the battle, the Rangers discovered that the main house held refuge for the women, children, and the elderly of the village. Rescued, they thanked the Rangers and offered to heal. Corporal Thornvine realized a second attack by bandits would overwhelm his weary force. ordered the villagers to grab what they were able and his Rangers would escort them to safety.

By that evening, they had arrived back near a larger farmstead they passed the previous day. There, the farmer welcomed the refugees and Rangers alike. Corporal Thornvine’s team was given the loft to rest, while the survivors camped around the farmhouse.

That night, the farmer and villagers provided a feast to thank the Rangers for their deliverance.

The following morning, the farmer provided Corporal Thornvine a report for the Rangers, and food for the journey. The team, refreshed, made camp for that night and reached Kythros the following day.

Upon arrival, the team was sent to clean and eat before debrief. They turned over their prisoner, changed clothes and were in my office within the hour. In recognition for their service, they were promoted to full Rangers, and per Corporal Thornvine’s recommendation, Ranger Eldrin the Leaf Fist was promoted to Ranger First Class.

I will amend this report once the prisoner interrogation is complete.

Sergeant Komor


Ssilississ Report

Journal Entry: Spring of 3029


            I have finished my academy training and have decided to enroll in the Greyson's Grey Ranger's to prepare myself for life. The training was physically demanding but nothing compared to the master's training. The six weeks passed quickly with me gaining the respect of my fellow Rangers. After the graduation ceremony I was taken aside by a Sergent and assigned to one Corporol Ayren Thornvine an Iron Elf along with two of my fellow recruits one Cheyanne a Brinche and Eldrin Leaf-Fist a follower of Kor. We were given a missive about a raiding group but 3 days hard ride from Kythros. The next morning we set out at dawn riding along the Eastern Lake Road talking to our fellow travelers but none have heard of any recent activity in the area, soon we headed off the main path towards the location of the reports. We stopped at an very quant inn on our travels and were treated quite well. The next day we came across a particularly obstinate farmer who found me repugnant, I tried to ask about any information he might have on the subject of our mission and he just spat at my feet. We continued towards our query and were discussing how to turn our groups advantage, Eldrin suggested that we go incognito, so we striped out of our ranger gear to continue our journey as unassuming vagabonds and refugees who came down on their luck.


            Interlude: Back along the shores of Illiana's tears lies the Sstrossiss Adept Academy, while meditating along the beach I hear the desperate cries of a woman in trouble, I heard it not with the primative sense of hearing but with the unbridaled senses of my mind, I knew where she was by what surrounded her and I can rushing to her aid...Out of the training yards I ran and grabbed a Kayakor along the way to defend he, I came across the woman shortly after the training grounds along the banks of the water. She was being acosted by bandits, 3 of them. I slid to a stop in the middle between the woman and the bandits and told them to cease and disist and I will go easy on them, they foolishly attacked.


Another days ride away our Kor-in saw a black smudge against the sky, we as quickly as we could move towards the direction of what we found out was smoke...As we entered the village my mind experenced what had transpired there and I snapped.......Smoke.......Fire.......Blood.......PAIN!!!!!!A cooling Voice......Sanity. Is this what our fabled teachers call "The Beast"? If it is I wish to embrace it......and control it. After experencing the carnage I surveyed the scene... Only a few women and children survived, an elderly wise woman helped bind up our wounds. We had to get the survivors to safety, fourtune smiled on us as a large cart was still intact as I crossed to it I saw the damage my beastial nature cause to the Orc's and Minotaur that had attacked me, I must control this base anger so that it will never hurt anyone close to me or of the free peoples...I must only release it to enact Illiana's will.


We carted the survivors to the farm of the obstinate farmer and they bedded us down for the night, now we are traveling back to Kythros where we shall return as HEROS!



                        Ssilississ. Ranger Trainee.

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