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Shaintar: The Dragon Cult



Frank’s Thank You - Adventure 1

Our journey begins with our heroes slightly down and out on the outskirts of Centerport, at the base of the Dwarven Clanhomes. This band of adventurers; Larius Inman, the despondent huntsman; Ssoren vo Ssartis, the noble Dregordian adept; Kabaan the Unbreakable, happy-go-lucky Korindian wanderer; Camellia (Ellie), the heroic Aevakar Priestess of Light; and Z’ahara Redclaw, the brash Brinchie warrior, first met when they were hired by farmer Jonas Flint to defend his crops from bandits. After chasing the bandits away, the destitute farmer had little to pay the heroes in terms of a reward. He offered up what meager food he had and thanked them a thousand times. The heroes made their way back to Centerport to seek out more work, with their bellies starting to grumble.

Word of a good deed travels fast to important people in these parts. It turns out the old farmer was a friend to Frank Greenwood, veteran Grey Ranger from the city. Frank sought out these heroes to see if they had the bravery and honor to become members of the Grey Rangers themselves. He took them to a local tavern and bought them a meal that went on for hours. Frank then told the heroes about himself and the Grey Rangers. He explained to them that he heard about how they helped out his old friend Jonas and he wanted to offer up membership into the Grey Rangers. The heroes decided to join unanimously without much deliberation. Frank then briefed them on their first mission as Grey Rangers initiates.

The heroes were to go to Almahrad, the City of Dreams, nestled in the tall mountains to the south of the Dwarven Clanholmes. The royal family, King Reginald and Queen Alisandra Velthana, reached out to the Grey Rangers to investigate a problem of theirs. So Frank asked the group to board Illiana's Kiss, the Grey Rangers ship that will carry them to Granite Port, the harbor closest to Almahrad. On their voyage, the heroes decided to take advantage of the downtime. Z’ahara and Kabaan sparred together while Ssoren meditated. Camellia took flight above the ship while Larius explored the ship’s galley. Larius met Olva, the Alakar cook, and traded recipes. Ellie saw a small ship full of poachers and managed to bring one of them into the Light. Z’ahara met a fellow Brinchie named Featherpaw, who watched Z train and asked if she knew Kalinata, the brin martial arts. Z’ahara said she was on the path to becoming a Kalinata master but couldn’t speak Brin nor read.

Once the heroes made their way to Granite Port, they were granted an audience with King Reginald and Queen Alisandra Velthana. The royal family explained that they have been the rulers of the city for many years but have not been able to produce an heir. Both the king and queen believed this to be the work of a curse or some sort and wanted the heroes to investigate this discreetly. The royals then granted the team access into their chambers. Larius put his investigative skills to use and long with Ellie’s natural charm, they discovered this issue to be the work of both alchemy and sorcery. With these new leads, the heroes left the palace to seek out an alchemist named Hamid Al-Farazi, who kept shop in the magical merchants plaza.

The heroes approached Hamid’s shop as a tall cloaked woman was stepping out. Hamid greeted the heroes and asked the group if there was something he could do for them. Z’ahara and Ssoren noticed Hamid shuffling items around on his desk, nervously. The large Dregordian and equally large Brinchie stood over Hamid and demanded answers. Hamid explained it was possibly alchemy involved in the royal family’s malady but had never concocted any potion of the sort. Larius could tell Hamid wasn’t being truthful and tried to coerce him into telling the real story. Hamid grew angry and started raising his voice to the heroes. As soon as Hamid’s voice carried out into the street, his shop bell rang. This gave Hamid enough of a distraction to call for help, wrench from the grasp of the enormous Brinchie, and grab a fire potion from his table to throw it at the group. Hired thugs came storming in from the front door as the woman in robes came sneaking in from the back.

Hamid flung the flaming elixir right at the Dregordian. Ssoren became frightened as he has a phobia of burning. The blast caught Ellie dead center but she was able to avoid the flames at the last second due to her Aevakar grace. Larius leapt toward Hamid’s desk to look for what Hamid was trying to hide. Kabaan rushed towards the group of thugs headed inside while Z’ahara reached out for Hamid. As Hamid’s hired men approached the back area, Hamid tried to fling another fire bomb at the heroes but his hands were slick due to sweat and nerves. The potion flew backwards instead and engulfed the thugs quickly and painfully. Hamid then tried to run for his life. The woman in robes, Gemin the Mage as she is known, stepped away from the back alleyway and started gesturing towards Ssoren. She cast her Alain’s unerring dart, trying to injure the Dregordian. Ellie chased after Hamid and managed to trap him up against the wall with her spear. Kabaan made sure Hamid was not going to escape by knocking him unconscious. Both Z’ahara and Ssoren managed to subdue Gemin while Larius found what Hamid was trying to hide.

The heroes brought Hamid and Gemin to the palace to receive justice. The alchemist and mage admitted to being scapegoats for the Grand Vizier Dmitri’s grand plan; to assume control of the city and take Queen Alisanrda’s hand for his own. Hamid and Gemin were placed under arrest while Grand Vizier Dmitri was to be executed. Grand Vizier Dmitri spoke forebodingly of his “friends” and how they would not let him be executed. The royal family banished Dmitri to the dungeon to await his execution. The Velthana family expressed their eternal gratitude towards the heroes and made sure they receive a warm welcome in Almahrad whenever they choose.

Afterwards, Larius thumbed through a book he found in Hamid’s shop. He decides to make his way to Hamid’s holding cell to ask him more questions about this “alchemy” he knows so much about.

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