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Ark Raiders

Session 9


Dana yanks Pendle out of the water. Pendle quite rudely says, “What do you think you are doing? There is super predator out there?" Pendle appears to be in decent condition despite the trip down the river. Dana moves quietly and looks for this “super predator.”

"Is it behind the clouds?," asks Dana.

Pendle curses "Jesus Christ I really hope not as it means that ****** can fly."

Making it back they have a plan to seal and pump out the boat. Dana does what he can but mostly acts as manual labor. Pendle and Dana go out in search of a beast of burden. They manage to find two cows and wrangle them. Between the two, the leave a note and $400 tied around a third cows neck. Using the two longhorns to steady the boat we work our way down the river. Inessa is begrudgingly handling the cows, but it’s clear she feels above it. Dana has experience with animals but feels he can’t handle them with his injury.

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