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Free Musketeers

Session 3: Road to Sardonee

MR23/Untamed Empires

A week's travel ends with the companions experiencing the music and culture of Sardonee while fulfilling one step on their mission to recruit the Shipwright.

On the Road

Saturday 11th Death Y119

Al had planned ahead for the first day, an excellent inn that they should reach in the early evening. They did reach it, but the Baron rode on past. That did elicit a problem. Not that Al dared say anything, but there was a dearth of good inns in the direction they were riding. Their

only option would be camping or taking advantage of the hospitality of a farming family.

The sun was setting and the ride becoming dark and dangerous. Al was very impressed at the stoic nature of the lady singer that rode with them. There was no way she was used to riding for hours on end at high speed.

In the end Baron Bernard used his noble privilege at a small group of farms, asking for food and a roof over their head. A pantheran farmer and his wife and brood of children were quite stunned to have a noble announce himself and his companions as their guests, but despite

nerves they rose to the challenge. Al made sure that they got good recompense plus a bonus for their trouble. They provided solid country fare and even a glass of mead. Megane was quartered in the house while Al and the Baron had beds of hay above the stables.

The next night on the road they hit their mark and Al was able to get them the rental of a cottage away from the coaching in with hot water baths and private lounge after a good meal and drink at the inn.

Al did better at judging primary and secondary inn targets as they travelled using old maps and getting up to date information of the accomodation ahead from the inns they used. They didn't always get the primary lush inns but they stayed in settlements that at least had an inn,

even if he ended up on a truckle bed listening to Bernard snore.

After a week on the road they found themselves approaching Sardonee.


Saturday 18th Death Y119

As they approached Sardonee a loud bellowing horn noise hit our ears like the warning of a disaster. Bernard spurred Mountain and galloped ahead of us to rescue the town. Megane and Al rode behind and slowed up in time to overhear a conversation between the Baron and a local. It turned out that the bellowing horn was a celestium device from one of the workshops across the river. The smoke billowing out of another workshop was a regular occurrence from a kiln or some such.

They booked into an excellent riverside inn and discovered that the choirmaster they had come seeking was holding a concert at the church. A great opportunity for Megane to meet him and get his help recruiting his brother the shipwright Arnaud Chasseur. A table for up to four was booked at the prestigious Cochon d'Or restaurant for after the show.

It was a magical evening, even a musical heathen like Al could tell the choir and organ were wonderful, helped by the marvellous acoustics of the celestium laden church. Afterwards Megane performed an enchantingly complex song that seemed to weave around the rafters of

the church and come back sounding like the angels of Trinity herself. Her song drew out the choirmaster who was enraptured with her musical gift and readily agreed to join the party for dinner.

Dinner was another success; the excellent food and wine payed for unstintingly by Bernard, in the company of the musical talent of Megane won the Choirmaster Jean-Paul Chasseur to their side and with some conversation nudging from Al, they were able to discuss the

shipwright, another tortured but sometimes curmudgeonly artistic genius, but this time in the art of making ships. Jean-Paul promised a letter of introduction first thing in the morning with the hope his brother could find a patron that would let him pursue his artistic visions of the

ultimate ship.

Early the next day they would attend early mass and then ride off for the two day trip to meet the shipwright.

On the Balcony

Al had signalled to Emile when the madcap journey to Sardonee began, and he'd long since had the message that his handler and friend would be meeting him on the balcony of the inn an hour past midnight.

The small relic was again hidden at the bottom of his satchel as he waited for Emile's appearance. A slight movement and noise and there he was.

They caught up on current events and plans, and then Emile gave him some key information about the shipwright and asked that he influence the Baron to recruit another man.

It turned out that Arnaud was a bit of a gambler and loved games of cards; another way for Bernard to draw him in by making a regular pot of money available for him to win. However there was another side to this. Some of Arnaud's plans included celestium artefacts which

meant ideally a celestium specialist should be recruited for his projects.

There was one such celestium theorist available, also with a weakness for games of cards. If at all possible they should return to Sardonee and have a game of cards and Emile would arrange for this theorist, a man called Hendryk Fosse, to make an appearance at the table.

That should be enough mixing to allow a flame of common cause develop. With Hendryk on board Al and Emile would have access to even more opportunities to access the celestium relics they needed.

The meeting closed and Emile stepped away, a gentle hop over the rail of the balcony, soaring quietly; cloak re-enforced into a gliding wing, down to the foot path below before merging into the shadows.


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