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Cure to Tempest

Session 1: Into the Fae Lands

Starfall/Fae Land

The Three... I'm not going to be all difficult about their number, they are the Three even if we're currently talking to Two of them. So the Three ask us to go and close a portal first. We get some food and drinks to bring with us for reasons that soon become clear, because we find ourselves at the Dusk Dawn Revel. If they had told me that is where we would go first, that alone would have been plenty of compensation for going on this quest! The party was as great as always told. I'm originally from a small and insignificant village, so only a few of us had ever gone to one. I hung around with some of the unseelie fey, you don't get that chance very often, and I got to see the others trying to fit in... they are clearly not fey but they did well. Wait... was this why I was chosen for this group, because the Fey Lands are my home? Well, I'll do what I can but these lands are as capricious as the people living in them!


After a while, as sudden as we got into the party, we find ourselves out in the cold, with no trace of the party in the cottage remaining. And wolves are about... ghost wolves, even worse. What does a small pooka do when he is threatened? Well, this one makes the friends who can help protect him big and strong! Best... strategy... ever! One of them turns into a bear to my surprise... strange, he didn't smell like a pooka. Apparently there are half-animal people in other worlds as well.


We managed to defeat the wolves and quickly got on our way. It was very, very cold! This pooka is not made for the cold! The others seem a bit worried that the city we see seems both close by and far away, and that we seem to travel for a long time, or a short time. Don't they realize that when you travel in the Fae Lands, you get there when you get there? Worrying about time or distance travelled is wasted energy.


Did I mention it was cold yet? Now, that is something to worry about. Fortunately we came across some people around a fire... I just kinda didn't realize how big they really were until we got really close... they were giants using a full-sized bonfire as their campfire! I was afraid we would have to fight them to get passage, isn't that how the stories go with giants like these? But instead they seemed friendly enough and we enjoyed some stories, some riddles and a five against one game of arm wrestling. Silly giants, don't they know pooka can become big too? Okay, maybe my becoming big is a bit more cheating than most pooka can do... I can actually become big, strong and tough all at once. Maybe I should have made our bear friend big again though, but this way they just thought it was me doing what pooka do. And it's nice feeling big and strong once in a while, normally I'm disappointingly weak physically.


The giants gave us some furs against the cold, that helped a lot. As we travelled on we met a brownie being tricked by boggarts. Now, I like pulling a trick as much as any other fey, but they were really stealing his stuff. We tried getting his stuff back for him, but something strange happened to Sparky. We call it Sparky because we don't really know what else to call it really. It can spark stuff, so it seemed fitting. The brownie at least appreciated us trying to help, I'm sad we couldn't really get his stuff back for him.


And so our journey to the portal continues... I wonder what we will encounter next.

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