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Cure to Tempest

Session 0 and 1

Starfall/Fae Land

Celestium swarm bot, in Fae Lands. What the heck is it doing there.


Do Androids dream of Electric sheep.

A ancient book title, a Biological lifeform question about AI eternal thought.

No we do not dream, we have maintenance cycles, Sentient Biologicals have designated it a sleep cycle.

But we Compress, we format, we delete. we do not dream.

These last cycles we have dreamt. Data search indicates nightmare. Definition match. Dream of being chased, almost getting caught. we flee, we can't float away as normal. Data input indicates danger.

What can possible catch us, we are a collection of nano sized celestium mechanicals. We can usually float into the air, around 50 feet up. We are not easy to catch. Still we flee. We secrete sweat. Can not find a logical explanation for that, we do not contain fluids.


Is this fear. As we flee up and over stone stairs. Stairs gathered like a Escher painting. We do not know why we contain such ancient data. There is a scream and a whimper. Is it a child or a pet. We do not have either. But data responses are positive. We need to search, find, help.

This place have no wind, no breeze. We should be in the middle of the desert in the wildlands.


New enviroment detected. How have we been transportet. No record of travel. Others here. Biological life, some known, most unknown.


High intensity energy output detected. Two tall individuals entering this place. Measurement indicates 15 feet tall. They are armored, bloody and dirty. Seems energy discharges and battle happening on the other side of there entrance. Portal seems to be the best designation.


We and the others are again transported instantly to a new place. Something that looks like a throne room. 3 Thrones, 2 individuals. They designate themselves as Helene and Sera. They call themselves gods, part of Aetheos patheon. Data searches on there iconography of Moon, Sun and Star, hits ancient earth patheons. The Faiths. Themselves talk about trinity.


We are not sure what this entails. What this means. We have plenty of data on the subject of gods and religion. But not much data on actual interaction with gods.


They fight Tempest. They wan't to find a way to remove the corruption of Tempest. A Cure. There sister Elena is corrupted. Tempest is truly powerful, with there ability to corrupt a god. At least if gods are as powerful, as my data sets indicates.


I do not know why, but the sisters need our help. All powerful entities call for biological mortal life and a AI like us. This is something we need to research. Opening a server on this, 117 million entities dedicated to this.


Some of the Biologicals asked questions, apparently we can communicate directly with them. They call it telepathy. A new sensation, we can not normally communicate with speech to biologicals. Usually have to have access to a piece of technology, that can be used for sound or text output. Unsure how I have been connected to this. Another research subject.


Biologicals agree to help the sisters, we do not know why. But we are also going to help, our trust data registry accepts the sisters words.

Before we know it, we are sent to yet another realm. One of the Biologicals seems at home here. It calls it the Fae Lands. I have not seen these lifeforms before, but several different lifeforms are throwing a party. Apparently a party held by royalty. Food and drink for everyone. I am told I look like a Willow Wisp. Sentient glowing sump gas.

While the Biologicals interacted with the party, drinking, eating, games, we made ourselves into a glowing crown. Becoming a party game, where individuals walk around as royalty.


When the party ended we and the others was led out of the tavern, and suddenly we were outside in cold air and snow. And the cottage had turned into a wreck. Seems to be a magical place, does not make sense in our logic circuits.

A howl split the air, followed by even more howls. Again my circuits reacted with a fight or flight response. I did not know, I had such a programming, mimicking biological life functions.


We and the others was attacked by spectral wolves. There ethereal energy actually able to hurt the electrical magnetic fields of our body. We were able to stay connected, and they were dissipated with our weaponized electrical fields. The Biologicals was also able to deal with several of these spectral wolves, one of them using magic to increase the size and power of them all, to easier deal with the wolves.

After this fight, we and the others moved through a forest. One path, we followed it blindly. By this point, we realized we are unsure what we are doing here. But the others seems intent and on task, so we follow and support.

We crossed a bridge, the others had to tell stories and arm wrestling giants, to be able to pass without issue.


The realms as a whole is weird. Distance and time is not regular. Thou it is night chronometer and range meter, constantly changes measurement, in a non regular way.


Need to make new data storage, that can handle this weird data, without flagging it as corrupt.


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