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Ark Raiders

S14 Help for Graychapel


We awoke at Dawn to the sound of dock workers arriving.  We got up to eat leftover noodles and drink coffee. Malthus deals with the questions of the harbormaster while Dana goes over his morning scriptures, sword on his lap, reading about the great master.  The early morning is spent hauling supplies for the baroness while Inessa goes to see Bollez.


Mid morning, Dana makes his way up to the chapel to Trinity, high up in Tree Town.  He asks about getting help for the people of Graychapel. The junior priest sends him to Father Matthews.  Dana knocks on the door and gets invited in. Dana introduces himself and tells the Father how his group came upon the ruined town of Gray chapel and tried to help as much as they could, but their boat is wrecked and they’re unable to help further.  The people of Graychapel are followers of Trinity and still need more help. She asks about Montgomery the lay preacher and Dana assumes he didn’t survive the storm. Her and Dana go to meet the committee. On the way down, they talk about The Dark One, Trinity, and her conquering of The Dark One.  They get to the meeting and Dana pleads his case, during which a beam of light shines down upon Dana inexplicably on such a clear day and then it’s gone. It is taken as a sign from Trinity and the Alderman is going to send help. Father Matthews tells Dana he reminds her of someone she met long ago who dressed similarly and asks if he follows Trinity.  He tells her he believes in Trinity but follows a different path. On the way back to the ship Dana picks up his scabbard from the medical ward. It is covered in crusted blood. He heads back to the boat. Pendle has made arrangements for us to get funds and an engine from a place called Mystery Butte nearby. Dana lets the rest of the crew know he’s arranged for help for the people of Graychapel.

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