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Ark Raiders

S13 Fixing the Boat


Dana and Malthus are trying to keep the boat afloat and Pendle heads off to find us an engineer.  He comes back later with a tall ginger haired woman carrying a bundle of tools. She says we seem to have a leaking problem and Dana can’t help but agree, he’s not sure this qualifies her as an engineer, but he likes her energy.  Pendle heads off to make a trade for supplies while Bernard gets the pump running better.  Dana and Bernard talk while working, her about her travels and him about what befell the Serendipity.  Dana shares that Inessa is from an important family in Seventh Creek and how they’re looking for black clothed figures that passed through here.  


Pendle is gone awhile get the listed supplies and meanwhile Inessa and the Baroness meet.  The Baroness recommends a place for Inessa to stay. The Baroness gets noodles for her and Dana and they stay up to watch the boat, “so they don’t get robbed”.  Malthus and the Baroness introduce each other’s gun to the other and Dana finds this to be very strange.  The night goes by without incident, but Dana sleeps in a wet bedroll.

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