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Rangers of the Greenway Road

Ranger Trainee Class Report


Red Wolf 3127 Class

Red Wolf 26th, 3127
Sergeant Mattis


Contained details my report on my unit’s engagement with the gang known as the “Storm Guard” gang known to operate around Echer’Naught. My unit was called to investigate the death of three experienced Ranger Training NCO’s on a training exercise with a recent class.

I was made aware of the incident when I was called to the morgue on the 24th of Red Wolf. There, I found the bodies of the three Rangers, and six “bandits.” The Investigator’s team reported that the three Rangers had been slain by Storm-fire weapons. The “bandits” were killed by our Trainees. Here is the best timeline I can fathom.

Red Wolf 3rd, 3127

Along with a class of about twenty, Trainee Aliana, Brianna, Lazen, Jackson, and Thok take the oaths and join the Ranger Corps. Thus begins their first week of training.

Red Wolf 9th, 3127

In personal combat training, Trainee Lazen scored high marks.

Red Wolf 15th, 3127

In small unit training, Alaina, along with Brianna, score top marks, defeating Trainees Jackson and Lazen in simulated training.

Red Wolf 20th, 3127

As a final Training exercise, the class was ordered to break out by squad, proceed to a designated Training area where they would drill against a unit of experienced Training NCO’s. At this time, RFC Alaina’s team departed Echer’Naught west.

Red Wolf 21st, 3127

Per orders, the Trainee team under command of RFC Alaina arrived in exercise area to train against experienced Rangers. However, when they found the Ranger camp, they found the three Rangers slain, and were immediately ambushed by bandits.

Thok was slain in the first salvo, but the remaining four, RFC Alaina, and Rangers Brinna, Jackson, and Lazen managed to slay the bandits. Wounded, they returned immediately to our forward command camp. Giving their report, they were sent back to Echer’Naught while Rangers were sent to recover the bodies.

At this time, the following Trainees took the cloak:

Alaina was promoted to Ranger First Class
Brianna was promoted to Ranger
Jackson was promoted to Ranger
Lazen was promoted to Ranger

Red Wolf 22nd, 3127

The survivors of skirmish returned to Echer’Naught and were put on medical leave. Meanwhile, the bodies of the fallen Rangers and bandits were recovered.

Red Wolf 23rd, 3127

The bodies of the slain Rangers and bandits delivered to the city morgue.

Red Wolf 24th, 3217

As mentioned, I was called to the city morgue early on the 24th to examine the bodies of the fallen Ranger NCOs and the bandits. There, the Investigation team provided me a detailed report on the wounds. Based on the strange burn patterns, and the magical reside, it was conclusively determined that the Rangers were killed by Storm-fire weapons.

I was tasked with putting together a team to investigate the ambush site and track down the assassins.

Gathering four experienced Ranger scouts, I delved the archives, pulling recent reports on local encounters with Storm-fire.

Red Wolf 25th, 3127

In the morning, I requested that the Trainees involved in the previous encounter be assigned to my team. They met me in the city morgue, were I explained the situation and was able to get their insight into the events. We gathered our kit and departed the city an hour before dusk. That night we camped west of the city.

Red Wolf 26th, 3127

My unit, along with three surviving members of the Trainee squad, RFC Alaina, Rangers Brianna and Jackson, arrived at the site of the slain Ranger NCOs, and of the later skirmish between the Trainees and the bandits. When we arrived, we found the site cleared/ After examination, Brianna discovered unusually booted track leading west, and south. We followed the tracks for hours until late in the afternoon. We set up camp, and were establishing watches when it began to rain.

Both Jackson and RFC Alaina sensed magic in the storm. At that point, Brianna saw movement in the trees. I gave a warning, but our position was hit by Storm-fire coming from deeper in the woods. We spread out, taking cover and engaged the enemy force.

From the flashes, I estimate there were five stormlancers and an enemy arcmancer. I saw not Tempest mages, which I found odd. The skirmish was violent and quick. I lost two good men, and took a woudn to the arm, but Ranger Jackson managed to reach me in time, and lay protective spells. Brianna took down the enemy caster and between my Rangers and Jackson, we cleared the rest.

Just after the battle, Brinna spotted a pair of figures fleeing the site from our left flank. I left the spent sorcerers, RFC Alaina and Jackson behind to examine the fallen enemy, with Brianna covering. I took my remaining two men and pursued. We tracked them through dense forest, but lost them in the storm. Returning, we received a report from Brianna that the men were well armed with Storm-fire weapons, but did not appear to be Tempest. Though, they were covered in tattoos.

For his service, I offered the following promotion:

Ranger Jackson was promoted to Ranger First Class

Storm Guard. Reports from previous encounters, particularly Alpha Team, identify the Storm Guard as a local gang equipped with Storm-fire weapons, who use magic Tempest tattoos to emulate Tempest powers. At present. The Rangers do not identify the Storm Guard as working for, or with, Tempest. However, they are well equipped.

Furthermore, I do not believe their ambush of our Training NCO’s was random. This indicates they are well informed of our maneuvers and well coordinated. While they are currently considered only a minor local threat, I suggest that the Storm Guard are far larger, more organized, and dangerous than previously believed.

Sergeant Mattis


Jackson, 14 yr old human, male sorcerer
Lazen, 15ish yr old brinchie male, warrior
Brianna, 16 yr old alakar female, scout
Alaina, 16 yr old human female, sorcerer

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