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Ark Raiders

Prelude Part 2


We arrived at Seventh Creek and made our way to the Civil Defense Force headquarters. It is the day of the third of Death and there is a large celebration going on. Dana has never seen so many people in one place and celebrations like this never happen back with his clan. At the Civil Defense they have all sorts of technology, they have a phone. It’s Dana’s first time seeing one. I people are so thick, you brush against them everywhere you walk. Ms. Gammilon acts as our spokesperson when we get to the barracks. We tell them Ranger Reave sent us and we’re questioned about the death on the docks. Dana gives an accurate report about the incident but is confused because the people in the black clothes had been so friendly and even found him a place to sit next to the lovely Ms. Gammilon, who was also so nice to talk to. After giving his report Dana asks around the city for the Shito monks and learns an Ambassador from the monks is in town. In the evening, Captain Malthus was nice enough to let Dana stay on the boat.

In the morning, Dana isn’t as chipper as usual due to sleeping poorly. He’s offered a drink called coffee, and finds it very bitter, but politely drinks the whole mug. The drink seems to really make Dana energetic though. Dana does more asking around about the monks, and it seems they don’t normally stay in town so the ambassador is his only lead. Come evening, Dana finds himself at a place called the Flax, where he runs into Pendle. The people who run the establishment are really friendly and are more than willing to sell drinks to Dana. The drinks tend to have a bite to them and Dana starts to feel funny so decides to slow down on drinking this new stuff that makes him feel weird and happy. That night the fireworks and crowd are amazing to see, the most amazing thing Dana has ever seen.

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