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Prelude Part 1


Since leaving my clan, after Mom’s passing, I’ve done some travelling trying to achieve enlightenment like my Matsuo Bashō says. These philosophies are good, but I feel like I’m missing something key about them. I booked passage on a river boat in order to make my way to Seventh Creek. I think in Seventh Creek, I may be able to find a Bushiddist Monk to answer some questions I have. Maybe, once I have attained enlightenment, I can help “Father” recover from his addictions and angers, and prove to him the world is largely a good place.


On the river boat there were a wide variety of people. There were a group of five in black clothing that turned out to not be as nice as they seemed at first. There was a very pleasant woman, Inessa, from the Gammilon family, a ranger with a boy that I assume is a son or apprentice, a nice gentleman who calls himself Poison that has made himself host to a carefully crafted biome, and the crew of the ship. I was chatting with Inessa and Poison, offering to heal him. The ranger approached the group of people in black and asked them to leave but they refused and a fight broke out. I was going to try to talk things down, but shots were fired. I did what I could, but I slipped on the wet deck and was knocked out. When I awoke, I found out the group had bombs. We were asked to go make a formal statement at the civil defence barracks.

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