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Young PUNs

Mariah's Story, Part One


Life in Gatherall wasn't all that bad, even if you weren't one of the "elites" in the Church, or government or one of the many corporations. She was none of those things, her parents had been ordinary workers, though somewhere in the line someone had been able to afford the procedure that had blended her human DNA with the element air, and she and her family had always been seen as a little "different" even in a society as open to human changes as Gatherall.


She had always been allowed plenty of freedom by her parents, a bit airy themselves in their attitudes towards parenting. From an early age she had taken to fluttering about the levels of Gatherall closest to home, pulling her pranks on unwary pedestrians. A hat snatched and run off with, laughing as they chased her down before she tossed it back to them, or a jump and glide from one level to another seeing the horror on the faces of witnesses until they realized what she was and that she was quite safe. It was one of those escapades that got her hauled before the authorities, and while there her boredom caused further problems. A small gust of wind to entertain herself sent all the neatly sorted files piled on the lecturer’s desk went flying, and next thing she knew her parents were persuaded to support her placement in “the school”, where she could learn a little self-discipline and be a “productive” part of Gatherall society.


She made a few friends, Liam Stone was a solid sort, and Alex, well Alex was Alex. She liked to tease him because he was always so serious. They all graduated together and were assigned entry level jobs with the Church’s Office of Inspections as the next step in insuring they were made into good citizens of Gatherall. She never suspected this was the first step in turning everything she took for granted upside down.


Their first assignment seemed routine enough, checking out one of the corporations records, the Inspections office had detected some discrepancies between their costs and output, and wanted it looked into. The executives at the company were guarded but gave the team access to their records, however it was Alex who spotted another anomaly when he was watching an employee scroll through date. It indicated they needed to check out the shipping department and warehouse. There Tom spotted boxes that didn’t seem to match the weights listed, so while Mariah created a distraction he pried open one of the suspicious crates. When he did so all hell broke loose.


Some kind of weaponized elemental was unleashed, and while the team struggled to destroy them, they killed a few employees. Once the demon-like elementals were contained, they ushered the rest of the employees to safety until they could be questioned, and before long Quisitor Cyrene had arrived and took control of the scene.


While the Quisitor only rated their performance adequate (after all in opening one of the crates, innocent workers had been killed) she still assigned them to track down suspect crates that has all ready left the warehouse for their destinations. They tracked some of them to a weapons depot, and in while they were making an effort to insure these were secured until the PK’s and Quisitor could take them in to secure custody they were attacked by a gang of thugs looking to steal weapons from the depot. Mariah took a couple of heavy wounds in this fight, as did some of the others, but they were able to stop the robbery, and hand over more of the suspect crates to the PK’s.


Their next assignments would become increasingly dangerous.

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