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Liam was raised in a lower industrial section of the district, always being bullied by those that thought less of him, getting called blockhead alot, he was good at picking up random things and fixing them as he grew up watching his father fix things, then came the accident, he was tinkering with a piece of equipment that his dad was working on and accidentally triggered the machine into starting whatever it did, in doing so it maimed his dad badly, his dad didn't recover from it and passed a couple months later. At that point Liam started to make trouble mainly for bullies. He would find ways to bring pain to them while trying to look innocent, but he was caught after one of them ended up with a broken leg from one of the things Liam had rigger. That wound up with Liam learning of the Church of Trinitas in ways he had never noticed. Liam was put into church training as a troubled youth, his mom had died in childbirth and his dad later due mostly to Liam. The church then raised him to try to be a productive person. They also helped him deal with his guilt of his part in his dad's accident. This made him want to fix anything he could fix. Later he had met a group of others in the place that he got along with and they were eventually assigned to work together to help investigate some accidents at one of the corporations, there they looked at files and a couple of the more book oriented folks saw an anomaly in pay in a certain section of the warehouse. We went down there and I noticed that some of the cases of ammo that was being moved on the belts was lighter than the others even though they all were marked the same quantity. I had pointed this out to the others of the team and was going to bring it to the inspector's attention when one of the team opened one ( I believe this was Tom). well out came some form of creature that was somewhat insubstantial .the team and I was able to fend them off with out much damage to anyone in the area. We continued to investigate this leading us to another storage area that we found more crates that were likely the same when the place was attacked by a gang that was using at least one illegal weapon. we were able to stop the gang capturing some of them at the expense of a couple of the security people that were killed by the gang. So then we were sent to find out about the illegal weapons to do this we were to infiltrate to gang. It was based mostly in one corporation. so we started to carouse with them, and I was offered a job to cause some problem in a different corporation with part of the reward being whatever tools I could get away with. I was able to get in and cause some minor damage, but as I was about to leave the was an explosion in the building on a different level than I was on causing the building to be put on lockdown. we managed to get out with some difficulty. I was also able to carry a tool set with me, After this it looked like we had been set up, by who? maybe the gang, or their corp? some other corp? After this it seemed every where we turned we were set upon by someone that was intent on doing harm to us. We were in a fight that we had injuries from and just only escaped a building that was demolished (to make way for a better building) We got locked into another building that appeared to be going to be done the same way so we scampered down through the maintenance to the lower areas where we found a small faction of the church that had contact with one of our church contacts. After getting in touch with him we were told we had been infected by an old version of the stalker virus, the alternatives we were given were leave Gatherall, death or become stalkers. All of these were scary to think about. He had mentioned that there was a cult of the reclaimers that would try to go outside Gatherall and attempt to bring the Triune to the fallen. Those were to be the next contacts we were to see.. Loaded on a sub heading for who knows what. are we in a nightmare, dream or fantasy? Liam's take on the church of Trinitas is they have become the family that he once had. What corporation want us dead? and why?

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