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Larius Inman


Larius Inman is one of three sons and inheritor of a small, nameless inn within the Wildlands. That inn was destroyed by the strange storms which have arisen as of late, causing the death of his father and siblings whom he ran the inn with.


Larius is a smaller man, about 5'9" in height, and weighing only one hundred-twenty pounds, yet his body is altogether fairly muscular, a result of having been a hunter for most of his life as well as all the repairs he would do to the wagons of patrons.


Posture-wise, he is typically hunched over in a reserved manner. He has a fairly chiseled face, long and thin but quite handsome and symmetrical. However, even a handsome face can't hide the clear uncomfortable look in each of his expressions. His nose is mid sized, and it is straight and narrow. His mouth turns down naturally into a frown, however he does his best to smile often, albeit this causes him to look more awkward than happy. His eyes are a soft blue, and shaped just slightly narrower than average. His ears are fairly small in size, and they barely tilt outwards from his head, he has unattached earlobes. Lastly, his hair is long and swept back, the color is a mahogany. Hie eyebrows share the same color, and are quite thin and look more like very small wisps above his eyes. He is clean shaven except for a very small amount of stubble on his chin.


He wears very light armor, although most of it is covered by the straps from the numerous pouches and satchels he wears. He wears typical Ranger gear, including a cape with a green cloak that covers his head. He carries a bow and arrows as his primary weapon, although due to the large number of straps on his torso, his quiver is strapped to his right thigh.

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