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Krox attack!!


In the morning we decide the best course of action is to go to Great Bend. We set sail trying to keep our eyes peeled for the dangers of this stretch of river. We load up the lumber to fix the boat when we get there. We make it through the rapids safely, the wind in the sail is pushing us forward. The second set of rapids are worse but we still encounter no problems.

We hear a heavy creak, splashing, and Bollez screams from down below. Inessa and Dana head below and see Bollez in the giant mouth of a krox, while water pours in where the creature tore through the tarp. Inessa yells to those above what is going on. Dana plunges into the water, sword drawn. He swings strong into the krox, but the thing’s tough hide just shrugs it off. The creature starts backing out holding Bollez firm. Inessa fires but misses. The krox is out in the water and Inessa hits it in the head, drawing blood, as it releases Bollez. Dana grabs Bollez and pulls him back into the boat. Shots are still being fired from above. Dana whispers a prayer for Bollez but slips on the wet deck causing Bollez’ head to strike the side. The krox goes underwater and out of view. Inessa and Dana haul Bollez up onto the deck and Inessa begins treating his wounds. With lack of medical supplies, she uses Dana’s knife and scabbard to fix his ribs as best as she can. He’s barely hanging on. Malthus gets the boat to the bank. Malthus and Pendle manage to fix the hole the krox made in the tarp.

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