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Dragon Cult

Kabaan The Unbreakable


General Information

First name: Kabaan
Surname: The Unbreakable
Age: 19
Race: Korindian

Gender: Male

Social status: A wanderer in the plains of Shaintar

Physical Appearance

Height: 5"8'
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye colour: Ocean blue mixed with hints of amber
Skin colour: Caramel
Shape of face: Slender with a broad jaw-line and small nose
Build of body: Slender with a muscular build due to his martial arts background
Hair colour: Deep umber color
Hair style: Long hair which forms multiple complex braids
Complexion: Kabaan has an almost sun-burnt type of complexion
Posture: Has a relaxed/happy type of posture that allows him to be easily spoken to
Tattoos: Has a "sporadic" tattoo that stretches from his fingertips to his shoulder on both arms, almost as if lightning had struck his body. He also has a tattoo on his chest which depicts four semi-large dots that are in a diamond formation. All of his tattoos are a light tan colour.
Piercings: Thick mahogany wood gauges about an inch in diameter within each earlobe
Typical clothing: Dark leather armor studded with different kinds of seashells and sea-glass, plus a thick beaded necklace with some sea glass and seashells on it and also several beaded bracelets along his right forearm
Is seen by others as: Peaceful, easy-going, almost hippy-ish

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