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Journey to Ironpeak


I travelled with a group of newly trained Rangers to Ironpeak in the mountains between Olara and Galea. The group included a goblin named Gordy, and two humans named Grrdan and Rase. We were met by a Sergeant of the Rangers named Kendric Blackspear who showed us through some impressive combat training grounds to bring us before the settlement's leader. We were joined by an immense ogre named Vras, who seems to have little control of his mouth. The leader had received threats that unless he surrendered some object of great worth he would suffer. He did not comply and subsequently his daughter was kidnapped. He was uncertain who the culprit was but her safe return was the reason a Ranger group was requested. We were presented with items to aid in our quest. I received a staff imbued with magical energies. Sgt. Blackspear led us to our headquarters which were cleverly crafted right into the rock of the mountain. He designated me second in command and promoted me to Private First Class. We discussed the two likely kidnappers and decided to pursue the Tempest first.

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