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Ironpeak Rangers

Ironpeak Report 01


I am now a Ranger and I’ve been assigned to Ironpeak in the mountains between Olara and Galea. We are a unit including myself, two humans named Grrdan and Rase, an Ogre named Vrass, and the elf who’s stepped up as out leader, Elanna. Upon arriving at Ironpeak, we were shown the training grounds by our sergeant, Kendric Blackspear and we were introduced to the settlement leader, Lord Thorson. He had received threats unless he turned over something of great worth. When he failed to do so, his daughter was kidnapped. We are to investigate and return the daughter. As a token to help us achieve this, we were given some gear. I received some studded leather armor and two unbreakable, obsidian daggers. Our headquarters is a mine nearby, where we can make ourselves at home. We talked over the two options of the kidnappers and I insisted we look into the Tempest angle first. We left the next day heading north.

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