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The team looks into the leads from the previous team. They speak to the hobos, ask around at the diner, and eventually end up at the factory. Eddie and Richard speak to the manager at the factory and track down Manny. He is ill and down in the bunkhouse. Under the impression that they’re inspectors, they go and talk to Manny. He’s not well and mumbles about needing to be fed or he can’t fulfill his core values. Richard feels like Manny might be withdrawing from drug use. Eddie tries using beast friend on Manny, and Manny asks, “you’re one of the masters?” Mostly he rambles about his core values and giving it his all. It’s hard for them to get anything out of him. They gather that he needs “the honey,” which they track back to the recruiting agency that referred him.

Victorus finds his way to the recruiting agency with Eddie’s dog. Inside he gets an interview, but Nathan thinks Victorus really has the core values it takes to get work. He’s more used to working with people who need help out of the gutter and turning them into “better” people. He promises to look for some options for Victorus if he wants to return tomorrow. Victorus makes his way to the Homeless camp.

Eddie and Richard show up at the recruiting office. The secretary seems very taken by Richard and slips him a note with a time and address to a cafe. Nathan the recruiter says he’ll send a Dr. over to take care of Manny. They return to check on Manny and attempt to hide when they see someone who appears to be a Dr. show up. The Dr. tells them they shouldn’t be here and when they’re trying to hide, they should “do better.” They are very obvious jumping up in down outside the window in full plate.

Everyone but Victorus meets up and Richard goes to meet the secretary at the cafe. And they talk for awhile until Richard talks about the Philosoraptor and how we must all be enlightened by him. Richard explains the Philosoraptor is “a dinosaur, but he thinks.” She gets up to “go to the powder room.” After she’s stepped away, Granny goes and greets her. The secretary is so relieved to talk to someone normal. Granny convinces her Richard must be an English lord. The axe and armor must be to protect him in case of an attack.

She goes back out and asks about his work and he says he works for the government.

She replies, “The English government?”

“Why yes” he says though he seems confused at why she assumed this.

She seems excited that he works for the English government. She’s really warmed up to him and is asking a ton of questions. He asks about her work and she talks about how great her boss is, for a jerk. He brings in people who’re down on their luck and turns them into really hard workers. “There really is something to the core values he talks about. He does therapy, like that Freud Guy. He does the psychology thing, but without all the personal stuff.

He asks if Nathan is religious and it devolves into him talking about the Philosoraptor. He loses her with, “would we cut trees if they screamed while we were doing it.”

“I need to go to the bathroom,” and she leaves.

Marcus sees her trying to get Granny’s eye and she has a terrified look. It’s like that time you were driving with Granny down an old country road and Granny was going way to fast and a deer stepped out into the road. The look of fear and the knowledge it was going to die and didn’t know what to do, that’s the look the secretary has. He has his telesma let Granny know.

She tells Granny what he’s talking about and Granny asks if he has a brother. Granny casually mentions marrying him and bumping him off. The secretary thinks he might be a serial killer and really she’d be a hero if she bumped him off. She’s convinced marrying him and killing him is the answer.

She goes back and is very interested in the deeper questions and the Philosoraptor. Richard realizes he might need to tone down the Philosoraptor talk. He brings up the “honey.” She tells him about the honey but really doesn’t know much, but suggests they run away and get married, go back to England and meet his family. She says they should have kids and teach them about the Philosoraptor. Richard says he needs to go and she gives him her address and says “goodbye my lord.” He’s confused but replies, “ lady.”

They all go to break into the recruiting agency. They find a file cabinet with very professionally written clinical notes with reason why the person needs intervention and the results they received. The results usually have that the patient is really adjusting to the core values treatment. They find every 13 days Nathan is on vacation for three days. Marcus has assumed it’s related to mystical cycles or numerology. The patients go through two cycles and the therapy works. They also find the Drs. address.

Victorus and the dog end the night at the homeless camp. The rest go back to the hotel.

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