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Starfall/Fae Land

Prelude Once upon a time in a fantasy land, a pooka called Bobowa and her sister visited the exciting dreams of a young girl from a post-apocalyptic land. They loved the excitement of the place and stepped out of the dream to explore it – so vibrant and different from the Fae Land! As they ran around the forest the ground gave way and they tumbled into a polluted sinkhole which collapsed above them and trapped them there. Gasping for air, unable to shift back to the Fae Land, Bobowa and her sister fell into a fae torpor.... Four years later the sound of rumbling machinery and smashing trees woke her. Above, the ground had reopened as trees were ripped out by their roots. One had fallen into the hole, and Bobowa cried as she saw her sister crushed under it. Anger rose within her and she raged as she climbed out of the polluted slime, up into the forest. Chapter One (Bobowa) I heard the crash of trees falling above and climbed, climbed, climbed. Up. Out. Free at last but empty inside. My sister was dead. No, not empty. Full of anger against those who would created such polluted sickness in a beautiful world. Then I reached the forest and saw great metal beasts, painted in stripes of bright yellow and deepest black. On the side of one the word, “Hornets”. They were smashing through the trees, belching fumes and making so much noise. It was too much to take. Did these people not care about the pollution they created, about the people they hurt along the way? One guy shouted for a chainsaw but I leapt on him and knocked him out. That’s when I noticed the witch girl whose dreams we’d been in – she’d grown a bit, was maybe eleven now. She was firing great vines out of her hands, holding up a tree trunk that would have crushed her parents. As they escaped to warn the village I helped her turn and hold back these “hornets”. We were a team. She created a vine from a nearby tall tree and I climbed it, using it to leap onto the top of one of the giant, roaring bulldozers, shifting into a lynx as I flew across, knocking the driver out of his seat and off the side. But how to stop the machine? All those controls... so I used my natural gifts and shredded the control panel with my claws. Hornets down below started firing up at me with big guns but the little witch was really brave and slid into the middle of them, using her magic to pull the guns from their hands and giving me time to get down. With the hornets arming themselves, and seeing the local villagers arriving with guns of their own, I grabbed the witch and pulled us into the undergrowth, safely out of the way. The villagers could definitely take care of this, and we were too tired and bruised to be any help. In the undergrowth I closed my eyes and took a few breaths. When I opened them, I was back in the Fae Land. There’s no way you mistake those colors. Oh oh – I was still holding the witch. Somehow she’d come through to the Fae Land with me! Chapter One (Daisy Rose Willow) A hundred years ago, or so the stories say, there was a great war. It left a lot of the land polluted. A seaside town was abandoned and reclaimed by the forest, now no more than ruins among the trees. Still, that’s where my tribe lives and it’s nice enough place, with fishing and hunting – if you’re careful where you go among the mutated plants. I love my family lots, so when I was out with my parents and we heard the roar of huge tracked vehicles ahead, tearing down the trees, we investigated. We’d heard of a distant gang called the hornets – this was them. They were tearing a path through the trees using bulldozers and chainsaws to get to our village! One falling tree almost dropped on my parents, but I’m a nature witch and the magic is strong in me. I command the trees here, so I caught the tree in strong vines and helped my parents from under it. We had to get back to warn the village, to arm ourselves against the hornets. That’s when I saw the mutant lynx fighting the hornets near me. She’s a teenager called Bobowa, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Names came later. First we fought side by side to give my parents time to warn the village. The lynx mutant shapeshifted into a lynx and knocked the driver off one of the bulldozers, destroying the controls. Meanwhile I use vines to wrestle the guns out of some hornets’ hands so they couldn’t shoot at her. I could feel myself drained of magical energy, and the lynx looked like she’d been through hell. Still, I could see my village arriving with their own weapons, so Bobowa and I ran into the forest to get out of the fighting and... before I knew it the forest was gone and we were in a meadow of strange, bright colors. This was clearly Bobowa’s own magic. But where were we?

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