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Grand Quisitor, I have successfully infiltrated the heretical so-called Cult of the Reclaimers. How blasphemous are these lost souls, more deserving of the cleansing fires that to breath the air that Trinitas provides for humanity. It appears as if the “Reclaimers” are sponsoring expeditions “Outside the Barrier”. Blasphemy at it’s worst. Worst yet, they’ve seemed to have corrupted at one point loyal church subjects. What follows is my first of many reports concerning their operations. I infiltrated the cult and I found employ as one of the members aboard their “submarines”, little more than tin cans with glass fronts. Two submarines were scheduled to attempt to breach the Barrier when I joined the crew. We left from the Drain, plying the depths of New Francisco. The journey down lasted several hours, during the time which I performed my assigned job and watched the others that the cult had “taken in”. This particular group spoke of a person called Murmur, and how they (for I know not if this “Murmur” is male or female) planned on smuggling the group of surface dwellers out. I know that they were on the run from the church, and they used to work for the Republic, but their job within the government was unclear to me. As we descended, I observed the wreckage of ages past. Finally, we neared the bottom of the Barrier. I observed some sort of creature, almost like a barnacle, on the inner dome. As we approached, it lashed out, grabbing the ship. We were lucky to escape, but the ship had taken some damage. Turns out both ships had taken some damage, and we were forced to turn back (as if pressing forward was an option..the captains of these vessels are deluded to believe that they have the power to cross the Barrier). We sought refuge in some old New Francisco aquatic habitats that were abandoned. In the process of “docking”, I ran one submarine into the wall, shattering it and rendering it useless. We disembarked from the damaged vessel, having to swim out of it as it was sinking. All made it to the abandoned habitats. We broke off into teams in order to find some way out of the habitats…we came across some insects the size of housecats that exploded when damaged. This created many problems for us, as we were forced to fall back to the single lightly damaged submarine. In the course of the chaos, we had several crewmembers injured, and one lost at sea. We ascended back once more, going back to the Drain where the Cult of the Reclaimers received us again. I’ll write more when I get time, and when I am not in danger of being disturbed or my cover blown. Faithfully yours in Trinitas, Kyoshi Tanaka

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