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Ark Raiders

Getting to Treetown


We manage to get the flooding into the boat stopped but Belles is in bad shape. Pendle mans the pump, Malthus steers the ship, and Dana and Inessa watch for potential trouble. The banks are now covered in thick trees and a spike sticks up out of the forest showing the location of Treetown. Inessa watches over Bollez whose breathing is very ragged. Dana uses a piece of timber as an oar, his mind on Belles, trying to accept Bollez might not make it. Pendle is on the opposite side using a timber as a gondolier’s pole.

We’re traveling between thick trees on the banks of the river when Pendle, unannounced, leaps into the river and swims to the shore. There is concern among the crew of a vengeful krox. Pendle comes back after several minutes acting woozy but is trying to get us to give Bollez something he’s collected in a water skin and draws into a syringe from Inessa’s medicine bag. He’s staggering and talking like he has a mouth full of cotton. He’s trying to tell her it needs stabbed into Bollez’ heart. She says she recognizes the poison and it’ll slow his heart. She slowly giving the poison to Bollez, trying to make sure he doesn’t get too much. Dna sees that Pendle has been poisoned and gets him to the side. He lays hands on Pendle and a purple glow radiates from his hands. As Pendle sits, poison bubbles out of the wounds on his arm and over the next several minutes the swelling goes down and he’s able to speak normally.

We turn the bend and see the massive oak part of the city is built on. Malthus steers the boat in toward the dock, but suddenly the rudder snaps and the Serendipity plunges into the dock sending splinters and goods in every direction. Dana and Malthus try to use poles to limit the impact but it has little effect. Inessa and Pendle are trying to keep Bollez from being tossed around. We come to a halt with the bow smashed deep into the dock, both mostly destroyed. Angry people have gathered on the dock shouting and some being physically restrained. A harbor master approaches. Pendle shouts for a medic as Inessa strides up to the harbormaster. The harbormaster demands an answer for what is happening. She explains that she will get this all sorted out but for now we need to get someone to the medical center, it’s an emergency. She gets across that this is an emergency and the harbormaster, not happy about it, gets men to bring Bollez to the medical center. Inessa escorts him there making sure he doesn’t get jarred too much on the way.

Dana, being his usual optimistic self, chats warmly with the locals, trying to help clean up, but his pleasant attitude just seems to anger them more. Pendle and Malthus are offloading the timber from the boat and Dana decides to join them, hoping they’ll be more inviting. It takes over an hour to unload. The harbormaster suggests to Malthus that the timber is to repair the dock and this all must have been a big mistake. Malthus and Pendle continue to try and repair the boat to keep her from sinking.

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