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Gatherall's Young Puns

Gatherall Reboot: 1


As I was inspecting one of the submarines that would be venturing into depths unknown, five people came up and I discovered they would be on the maiden voyage. The Dwarf investigates one of the submarines, mentioning that it is not able to support the underwater pressure. I quickly cover a leak on the submarine with some duct tape. A head priest approaches the five people, saying that he is doing this as a favor to them and he doesn’t want to know why they need to leave. He says that if they do not want to take one of the submarines, then they can swim. As we head out, I crew the safer of the two ships, along with the dwarf and the Djinn. Tanaka-san crews the leaky vessel along with an intelligent looking human and a panthran. As we head down, is gets very dark. We come to a very large Barnacle. After we reach it, Tanaka-san and I open a box on each of our vessels, take a deep breath and press a button. We feel a large vibration. The barnacle Produces several large tentacles that reach out towards the submarines as though trying to taste them. The captain of my vessel panics, and I am forced to take control. I barely manage to break free of the barnacle-like creature, when I see electricity arcing throughout the water. Ahead of us, we see a subsea volcano, and the temperature goes crazy in a mater of seconds. The subs are not designed to handle this kind of pressure. We quickly try to resurface, but the leaky vessel took severe damage and lost its ability to maneuver, while our vessel is filling with water rapidly. Tanaka-san walks the human on his ship through using the radar to try to locate a safe place. He uses the last of his maneuvering to point the ship toward the closest dot on the radar. As we get closer, we notice that the dot on the radar is a dilapidated habitation, hanging from the higher elevation habitations by a thick cord. There is about a couple hundred feet difference in depth. It doesn’t look like Tanaka-san’s ship will make the clearing, so I try to use me ship to nudge it clear. The submarine smashes into the wall on the opposite side and destroys the front window. The crew and passenger manage to swim to safety. We begin to discuss logistics on how to evacuate all of the passengers from both ships, with only one vessel. I suggest that we repair the ship we have to prevent it from leaking, and we send six of the ten up to travel the couple hundred feet to the higher elevation habitations The Djinn (Mariah) and the dwarf (Liam) begin repairing the Submarine by taping together two pulse powered plasma rifles in a makeshift blowtorch to weld with. The Human (Alex) begins to investigate the control panel. The Crew, Tanaka-san, and I begin to play cards while we wait for them. Alex finds a clock with a weird religious symbol. It is different from the normal Trinity Symbol. The Pantheran (Cairo) finds a heavy door covered in barnacles. He sees a lights coming through the door. I pull out my crowbar, and together with Tanaka-san we manage to break the door down. On the other side, we found a weird glowing creature and more doors. When we get within 10 feet of the bug, Cairo fire a stun gun at it when it explodes in a burst of electricity. It was reminiscent of the giant barnacle. As we begin to head back, Mariah and Liam were noticing more of the bugs coming into the water around the submarine.

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