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Ark Raiders

Frog in an Ancient Pond


We meet for breakfast at the bakery. We discuss what’s going on, and who could have called Lomarr’s watch. Afterward, Dana heads off to see the ambassador. When Dana gets to the ambassador’s lodgings he states he is there as a follower of Bushida. While the person who greeted him goes to speak with the ambassador, Dana sits and reads scriptures. It’s several minutes before she comes back with her husband, Charles, and after discussing his intentions and his concern about the ambassador based on current happenings, he is led to the ambassador.


He’s shown in to a room covered in brass and wood panelling with old world style, Wood furniture and padded chairs. A small slight female muse with lovely robes and a fine looking sword perches on the arm of a chair, she’s very approachable and has Dana seat himself. Dana tells her about the danger of the cinnamon threat and gives her a rundown of his life, which while he thinks is interesting, really shows how sheltered his life in the clan was. He accentuates the part about how he found a dead body about a year ago, he laid the body to rest and took the scripture book it had on it. He describes the meaning he’s received from the book, but there are things he still struggles to understand. He’s been searching for six months for someone who might give him insight.


She asks to see the book and, after looking it over, says it is a blessing to find one in such great condition, it’s a great treasure. It belonged to Master Basho whose way was to travel to dangerous places. She suggests Dana may be destined to travel such a path rather than to sit in a monastery. She goes to a chest and gets out a fine sword saying, “jump into the water and when it calms you’ll see the true you. Go learn though the master’s teachings.” She suggests he may be Master Basho reborn, she will train him in the future. It dawns on Dana the sword is something he’s been missing in the scriptures, a core tenet. She tells him, to be a sword priest he must have a sword, he must jump in the water and experience life. She finishes, “May the sword be your brother, may it be your friend, it is your focus. When you’re ready in the future, come to the mountain and ask for more, or maybe you will come and say the sword is not for me.” She finishes welcoming him back when he has something to learn or teach. Master Basho’s words echo in his head, “An ancient pond, frog jumps in, splash.”


Charles sees him out. Dana proudly says he’s ready to jump in the pond. He asks, “so she’s handing out swords, maybe I should get one?” Dana asks if he’s a follower. He replies, he follows orders when he gets them.

Dana is waiting in the bakery admiring his new treasure when the rest of the group return. When asked about it, Dana says, “I think I’m a frog jumping in a pond.” Malthus admits he doesn’t get it and Dana admits he doesn’t either, but he’s on a path. After Pendle asks about the sword, Dana describes his meeting with the ambassador. Someone arrives for Inessa and is bothered about the issues we’ve stirred up. It seems the council doesn’t want us investigating in the city. We decide to go down river. We get supplies and stay the night on the boat.

We leave at first light.

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