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Dragon Cult

Frank's Request


The Beginning:


The Malakar Dominion had made a grand appearance on the shores of Korindia, this also brought forth all kinds of shady dealings throughout our towns and villages. People going missing, new forbidden substances, and many more things that went against our Kor-in beliefs. Initially, we were welcoming but soon found out that the Dominion was like a contagion, always spreading like a vicious disease. My friend Torlek and I were tasked with keeping a close, protective, eye on our village due to the rising number of missing persons in surrounding villages.


The darkest night came around and we were making our rounds and found a suspicious individual who was lurking in shadows and peering into a locals window. As we approached this individual he announced that we were now the property of the Dominion and if we were to struggle that there would be consequences. I guess both us just underestimated this kidnapper because we were instantly surrounded by other Dominion pirates. We fought as hard as we could but couldn’t handle all of the massive amounts of pirates that were surrounding us. All I can remember was blacking out and waking up several times, with a hazy sight, while being dragged towards the docks. Long story short, within a day of being on that boat Torlek and I found ourselves in a rowboat that we took in the middle of the night and found ourselves travelling as fast as possible in the complete opposite direction of the Dominion’s slaver boat.


The Arrival:


After vigorously rowing that boat the entire night, we found ourselves on a shoreline of the vast new land. We thought we were heading in the direction of Korindia, back home, but I guess the tides were strong that night and moved us off course. Both Torlek and I collapsed and all I could hear from Torlek was how he was going to find a way back to Korindia. In response to his intense rabbling, I just laughed and smiled because of how lucky we were able to survive that entire situation. I told Torlek “You go ahead and find a way back to the village, let the Master know. I’m gonna find someone who could help with the removal of those foul people,” turned around and headed North in hopes that I ran into a road that I could follow. I didn’t want to hear Torlek object to my decision so I just hummed while I trotted away.


I came upon a road and followed it all the way until I found what appeared to be a farm. A man on top of a wagon that was being escorted by two massive steeds. I explain to him what had happened to me and asked if there was any way that I could help around his farm for a warm place to stay. The farmer explained “My name is Jonas Flint and this is actually something you could do for me. I have had a run in with these bandits and they don’t seem to understand that I won’t cooperate. I have some others that are waiting in the barn who also might be interested. Walk with me and we can go talk to the rest about it.” As we approached Flint’s barn, I saw a rag-tag band of individuals. A skinny human who seemed to be hiding in the corner, a tall and slender lizard with an appearance of wise demeanour, a woman with beautiful wings and dressed in robes, and a giant cat-like creature who always was laughing.


After Flint described his situation to the rest of the group, we all decided that it would be best if we helped Flint with his invading bandits. We were told by Flint that there was a town called Centerport not too far from his farm, so we headed out in that direction in hopes to find more food and work. During our travels, I learned a lot about the mainland and its people. For example, the human’s name was Larius Inman and he worked at his father's inn; he was also quite shy and didn’t like to talk to too many people. I learned that the wise lizard’s name was Ssoren Vo Ssartis and that he was actually a noble adept in something called The Way. The robed bird lady’s name was Ellie and was an Avekar Priestess of Light, which by the way sounds really important. Finally, I found out the cat people are called Brinchie’s and this one's name was Z’ahara Redclaw.


Centerport and Uh…. Frank?


As we approached Centerport we were intercepted by some guy on a horse, and this guy looks like he meant business. His thick accent had confused me severely, but I found out that he was part of the Grey Rangers. He explained that his name was Frank Greenwood and that he had heard of what we did at Flint’s farm and was severely impressed. So impressed that he offered our motley group of adventurers to a massive dinner and then described that we could join the Grey Rangers if we complete a severely important mission. We were to go to Almahrad, the City of Dreams, nestled in the tall mountains to the south of the Dwarven Clanholmes. Apparently, the royalty there had asked the Grey Rangers to help investigate a severe problem of theirs. We all accepted this grand task and found ourselves on a boat named Iliana’s Kiss, a Grey Rangers ship that was granted to us for our trip to Almahrad. On our voyage, I decided that I should practice my Jaguar Style, so I began sparring with Z’ahara. After some intense training, I found myself watching Z’ahara mess with Ssoren while he meditated. She was trying to sneak up on him and eventually pushed him off the side of the boat where he was meditating.


Almahrad, The Horrifying Truth


Once we arrived at Granite Port we were granted an audience with the Royalty by the Kings guard. The King and Queen, Reginald and Alisandra Velthana, explained that they were ruling the city for many years but have yet to be able to produce an heir for the throne. Both King Reginald and Queen Alisandra believed that this was the work of a curse or some kind of dark magic and wanted us to investigate the situation. We were then granted access to the Royal chambers where Larius and Ellie found out that the problem was caused by both alchemy and magic. After discovering this information we headed towards the magical merchants' plaza to find an alchemist named Hamid Al-Farazi.


As we approached the shop there was a tall cloaked woman walking out, we casually walked in and was told to come to the very back of the shop where we find a man standing near a desk. He began to nervously shove papers into a drawer, Z’ahara and Ssoren weren’t having it and demanded that he stop what he was doing. So much rage and anger displayed scared Hamid and he explained that the incident could be both alchemical and magical, but never gave a clear answer. During this entire situation, the shop bell rang which distracted us from Hamid for a split second. That’s all the time he needed too because he escaped the clutches of the Brinchies grip and hopped across the table to grab some kind of bottle.


Hamid chucked the bottle straight towards Ssoren and he frantically tried to get out of the way as if he was deathly afraid of the fire. Ellie was also caught in the blast but managed to avoid all of the flames with her gracefulness. My newly found friends were in danger so I sprung into action. As Hamid tried to escape the shop, I quickly skillfully tumbled across anything in my path so I could intercept him. I punched ferociously into his chest then spun into a strong kick where he flew back into the wall where Ellie through a spear pinning him to the wall. Larius went to the desk to see what Hamid was trying to hide while Ssoren and Z’ahara captured a hooded woman that snuck in through the back.

The Curtain Drops


We dragged both Hamid and the mystery woman through the streets of the city all the way to the throne room so the King and Queen can hear a testimony of the nefarious acts they had committed. We found out that they were just the scapegoats of the entire plot and that the Grand Vizier Dmitri was the one who orchestrated the entire thing. He exclaimed that he was going to get rid of King Reginald and that he would take Queen Alisandra’s hand in marriage to rule the city. The Velthana family expressed their eternal gratitude towards us and made sure that we received a warm welcome in Almahrad whenever we chose to come back to Almahrad.





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