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Pirates of Snakes Den

Sergeant Kalor Report


Filed Harvest Moons 10th, 3128


Reading reports here at my desk in Five Cross, I must say I am both pleased with the success of RFC Humble’s command, and disturbed by the implications of their continued investigation.


Raining Leaves 23rd, 3128


After their ordeal in the Black Bog the night before, the team ventured back into the Black Bog to the ruined village at its heart. The team reported the village to be abandoned, and in grave disrepair. However, the walkways themselves showed more recent tending. No sooner had they arrive, when they were set upon by a pack of swamp Trolls, massive corrupted beasts. The fight was brutal and quick.


Once the village was cleared, Iam investigated the largest structure finding what at first appeared to be a pit in the floor. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed to be the entrance to an underground lair within the bog itself. Humble led his team below where they found a blood-soaked ritual site. Cages lined the walls, blood pooled on the ground and…in pools. However, when the crossed the threshold, they were once again attacked.


This time their assailants were not corrupted and undead, rather Childer and Infernals. To find both Flame and Darkness in such close proximity is alarming enough. The battle raged as the team fought their way into the room. Merccy, noting a prisoner still living, freed a brinchie named Swift Paw. Armed with Merccy’s own spear, and empowered by Archanon, the new ally quickly set to work slaying the beasts who had destroyed his people.


Eventually, Hal, Merccy, and Ward made it to the Acolyte, but Hal was badly burned by the Acolytes living fire. The Korindian fell into a pool of blood and was instantly enraptured within the ongoing ritual. As Humble and the others finished off the pair of hulking minotaur, Merccy felled the Acolyte and rescued Hal from the ichor, but not before he was irrevocably changed. I fear for his immortal soul.


Speaking with Swift Paw, they learned that Marabelle had been a prisoner, along with her guards. They were long since sacrificed in the mad Acolytes rituals, but she was sold or handed off to a pair of dark-robed men. Swift Paw recalled hearing them whisper, Camden. A well-known port town.


With their quarry having a 3-day head start, the team quickly gathered all the writing and scribblings of the madman and took stock of the room before returning to their horses held by their companions and riding south and west toward the Howling River.


Raining Leaves 29th, 3128


It took a week to reach Shale, but by afternoon, the team found themselves at the local Range HQ. With both my warrant and the chop of Baron Tormund, they were quickly passed over to the River Trade Coalition who happen to have a boat heaving south for Kythros. They were on it and shoving off by nightfall, leaving their mounts in Shale.


Raining Leaves 32nd, 3128


In three days, the RTC boat docked in Kythros. However, word of their mission had already reached the ears of High Command. None other than Grande Sergeant Major Mindril was waiting for their arrival. Once introductions were done, he invited them for a private word. Hearing their report, and most concerned about the mad Acolyte, the ritual, and the dragon skull, the Grand Sergeant Major informed Humble’s team that their mission was far more important than even they knew, though he would not go into detail. He commanded them to find the girl, but more importantly, discern WHY she had been taken.


After which, he gave them his own orders and writ, provided for their healing and restocking, before personally arranging for horses and carts to take them south from Kythros to Camden.


Harvest Moons 3rd, 3128


On the second, the Team arrived in Camden under a great blow which had stranded dozens of ships in the harbor. With rain pelting down, the team entered the city and began to investigate the men who had kidnapped Marabelle. After flashing their cloaks to a few workers at the docks, they were directed to a dive tavern on the waterline with no name, but an upturned anchor as its sigil. Within, they found three Ranger allies, close personal associates of Captain Roberts.


The Dregordians Snike and Voe, along with their aevakar companion, Angel, knew nothing of the girl per se, but were aware that agents of Flame had been smuggling people south toward the jewels for months. For what purpose, no one knew. None ever returned. They, themselves, had struck a Kal slaver almost a year prior. The three privateers agreed to work with the Rangers, for a fee. They would lead the team to the island, and the team would provide a ship.


Using Grand Sergant Major Mindril’s orders, the Rangers quickly acquired a balinger under the Ranger flag.


Harvest Moons 4th, 3128


By morning, the storm had blown over and the crew set sail for the Jewels.


Harvest Moons 10th, 3128


Seven days of calm sailing brought the ship to the southernmost island of the Jewels under cover of night. The eagle-eyed Aevkar spotted a large ship docked just offshore. Approaching by johnboat, the crew closed on the larger ship and managed to board. There, a vicious fight broke out as the Rangers and their allies fought their way aboard, but in minutes it was over. Most of the crew were dead, one captured, the ship now in the hands of the Team. A quick search of the ship revealed that the cargo, slaves, had already been offloaded onto shore. The prisoner, begging for his life, informed the team that they were middlemen, working with Red Store to provide workers for a large excavation project on the island. He did not know what was being dug up, but he was willing to guide them there.


The day won, the Team turned over the larger Carrack to their privateer allies as they brought their own ship closer and prepared to assault the island in the morning.


To be continued…


Sergeant Kalor

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