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Founders Campaign Report 1


Missing Marabelle

Humble’s team is large and diverse. After the Ogre, you have:

  • Alaran, an Eldakar scout, and thief.
  • Hal, a Korindian monk and martial artist.
  • Iam, a Dwarven tinker and warrior
  • Mercy, the only rotund Aevakar I have ever met, and Priest of Light.
  • Tolux, the Dregordian Warrior Adept.
  • Alexander Belmont, the Olaran mercenary. Indistinguishable from nearly any other Olaran merc.


I believe I once purchased a picture frame with an etch of his face.

After gathering supplies, the team mounted up and headed west along the Vai’Tior road, before turning north and running along the border until the reached Tormund Keep.

Raining Leaves 16th, 3128

The team arrived mid-morn at the Baron’s Keep and were welcomed, by all accounts. They met directly with the Lord who explained in greater detail that his daunter, Marabelle, had been on a mission of mercy for the local poor when she, her hand maid, and two guards had vanished somewhere between Drenmar and Toren. Or so he believed.

After further investigation, the Rangers learned that Marabelle, 15 years of age, had grown very religious after her mother’s passing four years prior. Her dedication was such that she refused marriage. To placate her, Baron Tormund allowed her an annual pilgrimage into the Wildlands to bring alms and comfort to the poor in the hopes of remaining in his daughter’s graces until she grew mature enough to wish to marry. He always assigned his two best men to protect her, but all dressed as simple penitants so as to avoid attracting undo attention.

From the locals, they confirmed that Marabelle was indeed devout, and well-loved among the smallfolk. Her father loved and doted on her, perhaps overmuch, and, while he may have been dissatisfied with his current post, he had no serious political rivals who may have kidnapped his daughter for leverage.

The lord provided lunch and restocked the team. With many hours left in the day, they ventured on immediately.

Raining Leaves 19th, 3128

In the eve, the team arrived in Drenmar. They split up into three groups, one investigating the lower-income areas of the city, one the market district, and one the Church of Light.

Alarin’s team was able to confirm among the poorest of the poor that she was well known, and loved, among the smallfolk. So much so that when they realized the Rangers were seeking to help her, a local thief returned Merccy’s purse which had been stolen. By all reports, she spent a few days in the city bring alms to the poor, paying for well to do doctors to administer to the sick, and generally doing good works in the name of Archanon.

Iam’s team, who ventured to the church of Light, learned that she elected to stay at the church, rather than rent a room in town. Moreover, she was well known and loved by the Prests, who admired her dedication and generosity. When they learned of her potential kidnapping, they grew distraught and gave Iam a holy symbol to aid him in his quest while promising help from the Church of Light.

Hal’s team was able to confirm she was seen in town, but spent little or no time among the middle or upper class.

That eve, they rented a room for the night and chose to head south toward Toren in the morning.

Raining leaves 21st, 3128

After a wet ride through the forest, Humble’s Rangers arrived in a logging town about halfway between Drenmar and Toren. There, they stopped to eat and were accosted by an old man, who turned out to be the village headman. He was put out that the Rangers had taken so long to respond to the town’s summons. When he learned that the Rangers knew nothing of the town’s missing, and were actually looking for the daughter of a Baron, he grew irate and abusive. But, providing them with information of the over half dozen locals that had turned up missing over the past couple months.

Again, the team split up. Humble headed to the tavern, Iam to the local merchant, and Alarin spoke with the local loggers.

Humble learned that Marabelle had stayed in the tavern a couple of weeks prior. She spent a day giving alms to the poor before leaving with her people in good health. As for the others, there were rumors. Most blamed it on the Black Bog south of the town, but the bog was old and locals knew to steer clear.

Iam learned that Marabelle had avoided the more wealthy members of the community, but confirmed she had been in town, and left, so he supposed, in good health. Of the missing, he knew nothing, though he remembered an odd fellow, poorly dressed, but very wealthy stopping through over two months prior. He had wanted some expensive alchemical components, but the merchant had to send him to the elderwoman north of town. First rumors of missing happened about the same time, and that man was also never seen again.

Alarin learned that the loggers had lost an entire crew south of the town, but they were nowhere near the bog. Of Marabelle he knew nothing.

Once the team rejoined, they decided to meet the elderwoman together. She confirmed that Marabelle had been through, and given her money for medicine. She also remembered the intense man who had wanted wyvern venom. She did not know why but admitted that it could be used as a powerful poison, used in some paralytics, or be a valuable rarity for a man of means.

Back at the tavern, they asked the tavernkeep about the strange man, and he remembers him. Apparently, the mysterious man had rented nearly all the rental rooms. He had been joined by two well-dressed traders from the Freelands, by their accent. After a quick meal, they all retired to the back. The tavernkeep never saw them leave. When he woke in the morning, they were gone and the rooms were empty.

The team slept the night, posting guards, and left in the morning, south.

Raining Leaves 22nd, 3128

Just north of the bend in the road, Belmont spotted signs of disturbance. Dismounting and searching the area, he and Alarin found blood spatter and signs of violence going back, possibly, weeks. Interestingly, the ambushes all seemed to happen on the western side of the road, when tactically, it would be better to ambush from the east.

Following some blood, the team ventured into the woods to the west of the road, leading their horses through the forest. Quickly, they found themselves at the edge of the bog. After a brief discussion, they hobbled the horses nearby and ventured a bit further in when they spied three bodies deeper in the bog. Fearing they would be gone by morning, the team brave the growing dark and enter the Black Bog.

As most of the team struggled through the thick mud, Merccy took to the sky, and Tolux entered his natural habitat. All seemed well until an alert from Merccy warned them off an attack. Pale, humanoid creatures burst from the water and attacked.

They attacked from all sides in small waves, targetting one member, and then another. Humble took some damage before they faded back into the water. Then, from behind, they heard grunting as Iam, who had fallen behind, was mobbed. Belmont and Tolux rushed to his aid, as other provided cover from nearby solid ground.

As intensely as it began, all was quiet. They found the bodies, a young human girl and two orcs. All chewed upon. None matched Marabelle or her handmaid. So, they chose to return to the relative safety of the road to camp until morning. They agreed to return.

That night, they camped, hearing the sounds of shuffling all night, but as they were outside the bog, the creatures paid them no mind. Just as all the locals claimed. So, if the horrors of the bog refused to leave, even so close at hand, who was ambushing people along the road?

Raining Leaves 23rd, 3128

Humbles team woke, hobbled their horses on the line, and ventured back into the bog. From the air, Merccy spotted what looked like a small settlement hidden in the bog.

Note: While the team identified their attackers as zombies, from the description, I am forced to believe they were, in fact, ghouls of some variant.

To be continued…

Sergeant Kalor


Iam’s Report

Raining Leaves 10, 3128

Received orders to meet with Baron Tormund. He’s missing family members who got lost in the Vaiwood Forrest in the Wildlands.

Raining Leaves 16, 3128

Arrived at the Vaiwood Forrest, at a Tormund Keep. Met with Baron Tormund. His daughter Merabelle entered the wildlands with two of the baron’s men and her handmaid, along with a great deal of money, and has not been heard from since they passed through Drenmar. Merabelle is a servant of the Church of Light.

Raining Leaves 19, 3128

Arrived in Drenmar in the evening. We split into three groups Hal, Merccy; Alarin, Humble; Iam, Alex. Hal didn’t find any leads, but Alaram made headway with the seedy element of the city, and Iam verified that she had lodged at the church of light and was warned of incidents on the roads going sout to Toren.

Raining Leaves 20, 3128

Left Drenmar by the road to try and retrace the steps of Merabelle, going south to Toren.

Raining Leaves 21, 3128

Arrived at a logging mill. An elderly gentleman berated us for not getting there sooner. Claims there are 8 people missing from the village. 5 of them are loggers. There is something potentially going on at the Black Bog. There was a rumor of a strange man, dressed as a beggar, with a large amount of gold. He purchased Wyvern Venom from an elderly woman in the north part of town. We spend the night there.

Raining Leaves 22, 3128

We head out of the logging town and travel south. Alarin finds a spot where there are blood splatters of varying ages. We tied the horses up near the road, and moved into the forest. We were ambushed by dark creatures that resembled walking corpses. We defeated them, and set up camp near the road outside the bog.


Mercy’s Report

Went to Trumumd?? Keep in the feudal kingdom to find a baron Trumumd’s lost daughter maribel. She was lost near dranmar area. Her and her party all went missing.

We then went to dranmar to investigate and learned that the road to the south might have a bandit problem. also in dranmar I got robbed but was given my coin purse back.

Went to a small logging town and met some angry man who didn’t like the rangers. We asked around town and we found out that we should take a look to the black swamp. Investigated and found blood. Followed the trail into the bog and ran into some “zombies” see attached picture.

After combat some buildings were spotted deeper into the bog and will be investigated next shortly.


Humble Report

Raining Leaves 10: Issues papers from Sgt Kaylor to meet Baron Tormund and help find a missing family member.
Maribelle Tormund went with two best men and handmaid. She left on a mission of mercy for the Light and had in her company two competent Men at Arms and her handmaid. The lady traveled in discretion and was on a journey she had completed many time. Names where provided in character for all 3, but not ooc.

With time spent in Drenmar we asked around the town for more information. The unit was able to ascertain she indeed served her alms in town before heading south. So I decided upon advice we needed to follow her.

Raining Leaves 22: Upon heading south we came across a small village where we were verbally accosted by an old man complaining that he had been asking for help for some months now. From his report the town had lost 8 people, which combined with the report of the others in town and some questions we discovered that the abdocutions only happen when people roam near a local bog they call the Black Bog.

Raining Leaves 23: We decided to follow the leads from the townsfolk and specifically and old lady in town. Heading south we approached the Black Bog. Upon entering the Bog we were soon attacked and found ourselves suffering injury. The Bog was filled with goul like monsters that were very aggressive.
After the encounter we decided mutually the need was to return to camp away from the bog and recover.


Hopefully our next report will include information leading to the rescue of the missing heiress.

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