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Ark Raiders

Following the path


The group heads down river and a storm is brewing above the Arch River. We make it back to the town on the jetti without any trouble and make contact through with the town through Inessa. A woman named Jennifer asks us to grab buckets of water. Dana grabs them thinking nothing of it. Inessa gets a little information about the black clothed figures, but nothing we hadn’t assumed. We walk to a man named Tom who is asleep and unknown to Dana, drunk. Jennifer throws water on Tom and scolds Dana for not helping before pouring Dana’s pail on him as well. Tom suggests based on the black clothed figure’s path they must have stayed at the Carlton Ranch. Dana, concerned if the Carlton’s my be in danger, asks if they’ve been in town since the people in black passed and gets an affirmative.

The group rents horses and heads to the Carlton Ranch. While there, the group learns the black clothed figures likely came from Great Bend. We head back to town and and settle into the boat. We make ready for the storm, Dana recommends spraying water over the boat and we make anchor in a creek off the river. As the storm gets close, we feel like there’s metal in our mouths and pins in our skin. Hot rain hits the deck as fire bursts in the sky. The deck is cleared of burnables. We see Sparks moving into attack and we move to intercept.

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