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Rangers of the Greenway Road

Echer'Naught Patrol Report 1


International Tabletop Day at Tyche's Games 2018

To: Captain Hawksclaw, Commander Echer’Naught Ranger Corps


We have received an urgent request dated, First Hunt 7th, from Ranger Trainee Kyrie Swiftsword. You may recall that on First Hunt 4th, 3127, you assigned Trainee Swiftsord and three other trainees, LostClaw, Brynthaxis, and Silvermoon Johnson to scout the southern Farwatch Road along the Wildland border for bandit activity.

Per their report:

The team under command of Trainee Swiftsword pulled rations and mounts from the city HQ and proceeded immediately south after receiving orders from you. By evening on the 4th, they rested at the Roadside Inn. There are some notes here about meeting a bard performing The Ballad of the Stagg and Lion. I note it only because it is technically banned on sovereign Olaran soil. The team rested with little issue.

Rising on the 5th of First Hunt, the team continued south. However, just before dusk, Trainee Swiftsword spotted a column of smoke on the horizon. She sent their brinchie scout, LostClaw, forward to scout. Per LostClaw’s own report, he crested a small rise on the west side of the road, and spotted a burning merchant encampment just across a creek wash. Six bandits were rifling through the merchants wagon, tents, and personals. The merchants were already dead by the Ranger’s arrival.

Still unseen, LostClaw had only moments to alert his team who were approaching on horseback along the road. Thinking quickly, he let out an approximation of pheasant. Though, the other trainees described it more as a dying pheasant being molested. LostClaw was successful, and Swiftsword was alerted to the danger.

Following her training, Swiftsword sent the archer Johnson and the sorceress Brynthaxis up the rise while she spurred her mount Cinder around from the road. The team operated to perfection. Swiftsword road in from the east, splashing through the stream and riding down the first bandit before he drew his sword.

From his perch, LostClaw flung a dagger nearly felling a second bandit. From the hill,Johnson loosed an arrow, dropping another bandit, and Brynthaxis blasted a third into oblivion. The remaining bandits split. The nearest charged Swiftsword and Cinder, cutting the Paladin through the side. The other two took cover behind the merchant’s wagon and loosed arrows at the alakar archer, and the eldakar sorceress. Both were struck, but not badly.

Swiftsword switched side and battle the bandit, while Brynthaxis blasted a hole in the wagon, and Johnson sniped another bandit. Behind the battle, another bandit, a leader, appeared and fired at LostClaw, nearly sniping him from the branches. In response, the brinchie sprinted from tree to tree, launching a furious, flying attack against the bandit leader, all while squawking loudly. Though he struck hard, the leader was cut above the rabble and returned a furious attack, slashing the brinchie deeply in the upper, right thigh. LostClaw was put on the defensive, fending off a flurry of blows.

Back in the camp, Brynthaxis nearly self immolated, while Johnson dropped the last archer. Seeing his situation, the last bandit fled, ducking a blow from Swiftsword. Unfortunately for the bandit, Swiftsword spurred Cinder and ran him down a few yards into the woods.

Behind the treeline, LostClaw shouted for the other Rangers. Johnson sprinted through the grass, loosing a running shot that grazed the leader. Recovered from her ordeal, Brynthaxis was hot on his heals, loosing her own eldritch bolt. The bandit leader took a blast to the feet, but kept his feet. Then, from the flank, covered in blood, Swiftsword and Cinder charged through the underbrush, thundering toward the bandit.

Outnumbered and wounded, he chose discretion, throwing his sword through Cinder’s heart. The noble steed shuddered and died, pinning Swiftsword beneath. The bandit then sprinted into the woods. With is leg wound, LostClaw was unable to pursue, despite his deep desire to do so. Brynthaxis got a shot off, but the bandit leader escaped.

The field clear, Brynthaxis freed Swiftsword from beneath Cinder, while Johnson put the beast out of its misery. Then, the Rangers tended their wounds, and began to search the bodies, and bury all.

It took the better part of the night, but the team recovered identification papers for the merchants, a family out of the Freelands on route north. And, they found a blood stained red sash or cloth on each of the bandits. Intelligence suggests Red Store is making a resurgence. Camping late on the 5th, the Rangers rose again on the 6th.

Riding two mounts, the team rode north to the Roadside in, arriving late on the 6th of First Hunt. There, they passed the above report to inbound Rangers who traveled the following day, arriving today, late on the 7th of First Hunt, 3127.

Swiftsword’s team is requesting remounts, fresh supplies, and reinforcements to track the bandit leader south to their base of operations.

Scribe Smith
Echer’Naught Headquarters.

RFC Kyrie Swiftsword, human, female, Paladin of Light, Olaran
Ranger LostClaw, brinchie, male, scout, Freelands
Ranger Brynthaxis, eldakar, female, sorcerer, Landra’Feya
Ranger Silvermoon Johnson, alakar, male, archer, Wildlands

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