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Rangers of the Greenway Road

Campaign Report 151


Hawksclaw, Moonsilver, Zathlan, and Volstagg Resign...

Hawksclaw, Moonsilver, Zathlan, and Volstagg Resign...


Malcolm Report


Date Filed: Dark Moons 5th, 3128


I was awakened from my slumber late on the 11th of White Stagg by the sounds of voices echoing down the hall from Sergeant Major Magor Stormhammer’s Quartermaster shop. Bleary-eyed, I peeked in to find Sir Volstagg and Sgt Maj Stormhammer, hunched over a map of the city, hard liquor in their hands. From what I could hear, in the gruff and gravely tones was that, in addition to our other woes, it is possible that the forces of Darkness in Shivak Novos, our darker mirror selves, may also be sitting upon a mine of Crysarium. This bathed in the shadow of Darkness.


Ascended protect us if that is true…


White Stagg 12th, 3138


Early in the morning, warning horns announced the approach of a large force of men from the East. Adepts consulted and reported back that these were not enemies, but Rangers in column. As we had been awaiting the arrival of a force from Kythros, this was not alarming, though proper precautions were taken in the event that these men were not as they appeared.


I was with Colonel Anderson and Lady Mayor Gwendolyn O’Meyer when they assembled our Rangers to greet the new arrivals. All told, the column arrived with 350 Rangers and allied personnel. Heading the column was Major Morrow, pronounced Moreau, a Galean noble directly from Kythros. Having read his information, I know that he was a cavalry commander during the War of Flame, participating in many of the great charges that finally ended the Maelstrom advance into the Wildlands. Since then, he served during the Crimson Crusade, and the Thundering Skies Tempest event. Known as a harsh taskmaster, but competent leader, Major Morrow has spent the last year in Kythros General Command waiting for a post of his own.


In addition to his personal guard of 25 knights and sworn, he brought 200 Rangers, 100 support staff, and another perhaps 25 professional diplomats from the Ranger ranks. I was surprised that Major Morrow declined to inspect the troops, he strikes me as a man who appreciates the pomp. Rather, after greeting Colonel Anderson and the Lady Mayor, he immediately set about assuming command of Echer’Naught Regional Command, despite being outranked by Colonel Anderson. Technically, Colonel Anderson was only ever temporary Commander, and his post as the Liason Officer in the city was always considered to be a full-time position. Though, most, no doubt, assumed that Colonel Anderson would assume the position vacated by Wolfhaven.


Within hours, his staff was up and running. His first order a lengthy meeting with Colonel Anderson, a meeting to which I was not privy, in the Colonel’s former office. Following which, Major Morrow met with Lady Mayor O’Meyer in her office, and then, all three had a work lunch. Whatever was said, after the meeting, the powers within the city had shifted. Major Morrow was in command of military operations, and the Lady Mayor retained command of the city. Colonel Anderson had been relegated to his former post, though also surviving as Major Morrow’s adjutant.


A bit before 2PM, Major Morrow dispatched a Lt. Kaijon and two sergeants at arms to bring Major Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw to meet him. I was privy to this meeting. After a generally congenial greeting, Major Morrow offered Major Hawksclaw the Regional Command, and potential promotion. Morrow’s scouts had located the Wolfhaven Free Rider’s primary encampment who, coincidentally, were harboring the Stone Tower’s Mak Torkash, Grimbore, and most of Grimbore’s honor guard. Major Hawksclaw’s orders were to take Major Morrrow’s Rangers, with a compliment of allied Olarans, and arrest Grimbore and his stone tower, and to disarm the Wolfhaven Free Riders. Once their commanders were arrested, Hawksclaw was to raid every subsequent camp and round up the entire Stone Tower Gather, disarming all Free Riders. Any Free Riders who immediately returned to their Ranger commands to submit to military justice would be tried and, if found innocent, allowed to return to duty.


Major Hawksclaw requested time to consider, before returning to his office. I am not privy to his deliberation, but I gather he spoke with his wife. Ultimately, he returned a few hours later. When asked again, if we would take command and do what was necessary to bring the Stone Tower Gather to justice for their attack on the city, Major Hawksclaw, instead, removed his Ranger pin and laid it on Morrow’s desk. After this, he dramatically dropped his cloak to reveal a body riddled with the scars accumulated over six years of war, torture, and imprisonment. As the Major watched in amused silence, former Major Hawksclaw walked, exposed, out of the room.


White Stagg 12th, 3128 Major Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw resigned his commission as a Ranger and Commander of Echer’Naught’s Ranger operations. The Major joined the Ranger as a Trainee Forest Dance 29th, 3122, having served six years and just over three months as a founding member of Echer’Naught’s Grayson’s Gray Rangers.


Major Morrow signaled for a sergeant at arms to escort Hawksclaw back to his office and see that he was returned to his House. As soon as Hawksclaw passed out into the courtyard past stunned Rangers, the Major had me close his door before he set to writing several missives. If he was displeased by Hawksclaw’s refusal, I could not see.


I learned, that later that evening, White Stagg 12th, 3128, Hawksclaw’s wife, Lady Eris Moonsilver, also resigned her commission and contract with the Rangers. Her loss will be sorely felt. A sad day to be sure.


Though I did not accompany Hawksclaw to the city HQ, I learned later that he received a touching farewell from his local Rangers. Moreover, as he exited his office, the Headquarters that he and the original team built with their own hands, nearly half the assembled Rangers threw their own pins on the floor and resigned in protest. It has been reported that before accepting any followers, Hawksclaw informed them all, and the Rangers at large that he sought only peace. Nevertheless, his departure and the large scale resignations in his wake have alarmed the Rangers, though not, perhaps, Major Morrow.


Soon after Hawksclaw departed, Sir Halten arrived at Major Morrow’s behest. With Hawksclaw declining to accept the commission to bring the Stone Tower Gather to justice, Major Morrow offered command of a joint Ranger-Olaran Taskforce to Sir Halten to finish what he began at the gate. One might consider this an olive branch offered by the Rangers. In the short time I had spent with the Major, he seemed assured of almost every outcome of his decisions. Even Hawksclaw’s resignation seemed not to bother the Major much. However, when Sir Halten declined the offer of command to hunt down the Stone Tower Gather, I noted genuine shock on Major Morrow’s face. Why the Royal Sherriff declined, I know not. Perhaps he refused to put himself under command of the Galean Major? Or, perhaps, he feared another direct confrontation with Grimbore, considering he very nearly perished during the last. Or, perhaps he felt some debt to Hawksclaw for saving his life and declined to hunt down Grimbore.


When Sir Halten departed, Major Morrow spent several hours conferring with his Knights and subalterns. I was not in attendance, but as I understand, they discussed strategy for the subjection of the Free Riders and their Stone Tower allies. However, I can only imagine Major Morrow discussed heavily how reliable their allies within the city may be. Hawksclaw resigned rather than follow orders, and dozens of Rangers followed suit. Sir Halten declined command, and he would naturally be a natural ally. Commander Schenkle, Captain Vasser…who exactly can the Kythros Rangers truly trust within the walls?


Rangers at the north High Towne gate reported seeing Sir Halten leaving the Regional HQ and riding to the Wolfhaven Manor. It is also known that Hawksclaw had arrived from cleaning out his office at the Local HQ. Though we cannot know, I speculate there was a conversation. Despite a contentious relationship the past few years, perhaps Hawksclaw saving Sir Halten has improved things between the men.


A couple hours after, Major Morrow dispatched more sergeants to “invite” Sir Volstagg to meet in his office. After investigating Sir Halten’s estate, and even Sir Volstagg’s house, the sergeant’s managed to locate Sir Volstagg down the hall in Sergeant Major Stormhammer’s office. Apparently the two had been in deep discussion since the night before about the army of Darkness sitting on a massive Crysarium vein just through the Veil. If they managed to break through into our world, we would face an event far worse than the most recent assault by the forces of Darkness which nearly destroyed the city. Sadly, a problem for another day.


At around 6PM, Sir Halten arrived. Major Morrow met him, as he had with Hawksclaw, greeting him well before presenting new orders. In recognition of his meritorious service establishing and leading the Almahradi Diplomatic Ranger outpost, the Kythros Headquarters ordered Captain Volstagg to immediately assume command of a new Diplomatic outpost being opened in Dregordia modeled after the one in Almahrad. Along with the new posting, Major Morrow offered Captain Volstagg a promotion and promised to pay all moving costs for Volstagg’s family. Captain Volstagg asked to speak with his wife, via Farspeaker, before making such a large decision.


After a brief recess, Captain Volstagg declined the Major’s offer. However, Major Morrow explained that it was not a request. Volstagg, for his part, noted that his term of service with the Rangers was long since expired, and, like Hawksclaw, resigned his commission.


White Stagg 12th, 3128 Captain Gunther Volstagg officially resigned his commission and retired from Grayson’s Gray Rangers.


Both men shook, and Major Morrow agreed that it would be best for the Rangers to continue diplomatic negotiations with Sir Volstagg and the other delegates. After this, he departed.


Again, Major Morrow seemed…if not pleased…simply matter of fact about losing two of the top Ranger officers in the city.


Reports indicated that by 8PM Sir Volstagg returned to the Hatlen estate, no longer wearing his Ranger cloak. Gate guards saw him less than an hour later, accompanied by his Almahradi men at arms, riding hard for the west gate. West Gate guards report stopping Sir Volstagg’s men from leaving, per protocol. They dispatched a messenger to request special permission to allow the gate to be opened when Sergeant Major Stormhammer arrived riding Muriel. On his authority, Sir Volstagg was permitted to leave.


Before shutting down for the night, I received confirmation of the resignation of two more Rangers.


White Stagg 12th, 3128 Farspeaker Eris Moonsilver ended her contract with the Rangers.


White Stagg 12th, 3128 Sergeant Lady Nexus Zathlan retired from the Rangers, choosing to remain in Almahrad as a quest of the Emissary.


White Stagg 13th, 3128


In the morning, I was preparing Major Morrow’s papers when Sir Halten arrives with his Rangers. I note that RFC Amaroth is wearing Corporal rank, and Ranger Charlemaigne Pierre DeBugerane wears the Rank of RFC.


Though I am unsure if Sir Halten has the authority to promote Rangers:


RFC Gracelyn Moldova Amaroth was promoted to Corporal




Ranger Charlemaigne Pierre DeBugerane was promoted to RFC


Major Morrow did not seem pleased to see the Olaran knight at his door, but I know, as I prepared the paperwork, that Morrow intended to officially disband Alpha Team from service, per Kythros. So, while his early arrival was an inconvenience, it was not unplanned for.


Yesterday’s politeness was abandoned, and Major Morrow took the opportunity to inform Sir Halten that Alpha Team was disbanded. To which, to Major Morrow’s shock, the Royal Sherriff simply replied, “No.”


Before the Galean Knight could recover, Sir Halten presented him a document. I have not read said document, but I know Major Morrow well enough to realize he was truly shocked, to his core, by whatever news Sir Halten delivered. The two knights cleared the room and engaged in a heated discussion. I heard the words Longtail, Wolfhaven, and Kythros, but no more.


However, while the discussion was ongoing, Colonel Anderson interrupted and reported that Fekla and Korash had been spotted with Grimbore and the commanders of the Wolfhaven Free Riders. Bad news. Colonel Anderson left, taking with him men. Sir Halten exited with Major Morrow who, surprisingly, reversed his previous decision and allowed Alpha Team to remain. Moreover, they were permitted to leave the city for Kythros.


Upon hearing of the arrival of the Reking Kru, Sir Halten bid us get the job done, and departed immediately with his men. Corporal Amaroth wasted no time and the reinstated Alpha Team left immediately to leave. Before they reached the door, Taka stopped to inform them that they were requested at the Citadel. I learned later that the Adepts of Echer’Naught’s Citadel had dispatched one of their own, Jade, a warrior of the Jade Flame, to accompany Alpha Team on their mission to Kythros.


Guards indicate Alpha Team then immediately departed south riding hard for Kythros.


White Stagg 14th, 3128


Scouts reported that the Stone Tower Gather had vacated the area around Echer’Naught, heading north and east. The Wolfhaven Free Riders were also gone. We presume they will link up with Hawksclaw to strengthen Wolfhaven forces around his Barony.


White Stagg 22nd, 3128


Rangers in Southgate report the Alpha Team arrived and boarded River Trade Coalition ships heading south to Kythros.


Dark Moons 5th, 3128


Alpha Team arrives in the evening, during a hard snow. When they arrived at the docks, they were intercepted before a delegation could be sent to retrieve them by former Alpha Team commander Sergeant Minor Amelia Whitestone. Per Kytrhos, she was not authorized or instructed to interfere with Alpha Team’s mission. Which begs the question, why was she there?




As it happens, the Free Riders have joined House Wolfhaven. Moreover, the Olarans confirm that the Stone Tower Gather quit the Realm, crossing the Shaintar river near Jasara. They are not in the Northern Gathers, and out of reach of retribution by the Rangers or the Olarans. Korash and Fekla are with them. Lord RabenClau has submitted an official request that Alpha Team provide him Security Advisement for his shipments entering and leaving Kythros, legally shielding them from Kythros Command simply assuming control of their mission.


And what is the mission? It is unlikely Major Morrow allowed Alpha Team to return to Kythros in order to stir up trouble with Wolfhaven. So then, what exactly did Sir Halten promise? And Sir Hlalten is hardly Colonel Wolfhaven’s ally. So, is he simply acting to appease Lord RabenClau, or does he have his own plans? And to that, what does Lord RabenClau gain from this? Perhaps he believes knowledge of Wolfhaven might calm the more militant factions in the city? Or does he too have ulterior motives? Major Morrow has cleared most of Wolfhaven’s loyalists from the city, and the Olarans took out Longtail. All that remains now of Alpha Team at Regional HQ is Sergeant Regillus and Sergeant Major Stormhammer. But, for how long?



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