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Rangers of the Greenway Road

Campaign Report 105


Malcolm Report Report Filed: Dark Moons 13th, 3126 The following represents compiled information gained through Alpha Team debriefs and official Ranger command reports. Dark moons 6th, 3126 Urgent requests arrive from Almahrad for Lieutenant Volstagg to travel to the City of Dreams at his earliest available time. With winter still locking most roads in ice and snow. Lieutenant Volstagg elects to leave his wife and newborn children in the city while he rides ahead to begin establishing the outpost. She is to rejoin him after the snows thaw in spring. Prior to his departure, Colonel Anderson, head of the Regional HQ’s Diplomatic Office and acting Regional Commander, presents the following Promotion: Lieutenant Gunther Volstagg is Promoted to Captain. Persuant to the mission, within the same orders: Corporal Nexus Zathlan, of House Volstagg was promoted to Sergeant. In addition, the newly minted Captain accepts his official Diplomatic posting. By that evening, he and a small retinue depart for Almahrad. Dark Moons 7th, 3126 Reports indicate that the morning after her husband’s departure, Lady Zathlan met with Baroness Wolfhaven to break their fast. Presumably, she sought the Great Lady’s advice, and counsel on her family and other matters. The bond between the Wolfhaven and Vosltagg houses continue to strengthen. After her morning meal, Lady Zathlan took her carriage to the Sacred Grove. Again, it must be assumed that she here saught High Druidess Treesinger’s advice and examination of her twin children. What was said is private, but I am led to understand that the children are in the best of health. Dark Moons 8th, 3126 The day after Lady Zathlan attended the Baroness, Corporal Daynore also met with the Great Lady. He petitioned to take the oath and become Sworn of House Wolfhaven. Baroness Wolfhaven accepted his offer without issue. Leaving there, Corporal Daynore headed to the Regional Headquarters where he officially resigned from the Rangers, with full petition for time served, and turned over his Focus Crystal. He also accepted to have his powers Bound so that he might continue working with the Rangers as a contractor, particularly, Sergeant Major Stormhammer’s team. Daynore’s Focus Crystal was turned over the Wolfhaven Barony to be included in the euphemistically named, Vault, along with all the other past items of power from Alpha Team’s former members. Though, I am certain the crystal will be the subject of some study considering Daynore’s condition. It is highly likely that whatever happened to Daynore also affected the Crystal. By understanding the one, we may eventually understand the other. Dark Moons 9th, 3126 The following morning, after quite reflection, Master Durlan Daynore, before the members of Alpha Team, and the Baroness Wolfhaven, accepts the Oath of Sworn to House Wolfhaven. The Baroness presents him with his White Silver Parrying Dirk, crested in House Emblem. That same evening, the surviors of the last mission gathered in the back room of the Wayfarer’s Rest to host Serys’ Last Call. Of all such events I have attended, his was the smallest, and quietest. I am more acquainted with speeches, singing, and sharing of tales. Instead, everyone stood around quietly and drank, some to excess. Few words were shared. Though, I suppose that is much like the man himself was, quiet. I imagine even that was more than he expected. His only request, the return of his Family’s necklace to his mother in Tar’Imas. That duty has been given to Nexus, his apparent half-sister. I left before the festivities were concluded, though I do know that RFC Grendel found himself in a nice brawl, suffering fairly grievous injuries. Dark Moons 10th, 3126 In the early morning, the day after Serys’ Last Call, a curious event occurred. From what I have gleaned, Lady Zathlan was awakened by her staff. A package had been delivered. The package, as it turned out, was in the form of a one year old boy, Gunther Volstagg, the illegitimate offspring of Captain Volstagg and a local woman some year and half past. Her name, we have determined, was Angelica. She and her sister “entertained” Sir Volstagg on the night of his first arrival in the city. Angelica grew pregnant with his child. Unfortunately, her sister died recently due to illness, leaving the poor women in dire straights. Though I cannot speak for her, I assume she wanted to provide for her child and chose to give him up to his noble father. Her whereabouts are unknown, though based on everything I have read, I assume she too is, or was sick. It is likely she is dying, or has already expired. On the same day, new arrivals entered the city and were evaluated as potential Rangers. Of the new crop, a few stood out as eligible for posting on Alpha Team. First to arrive was Ingrid, an Olaran Druid from nearby. Second, Arimar Blackstone, a dwarven Druid healer from Stahlheim. His posting to the team was ensured by the weighty diplomatic pressure of the embassy. The last new member to arrive the day was a transfer from a Wildlands team, Corporal Sssahliissstah, a dregordian Adept, warrior, and healer. With her training and experience, she was chosen to assume the second command position within the team after RFC Grendel who was slated for Promotion. Dark Moons 12th, 3126 At around 11 AM, all former and current members of Echer’Naught’s Alpha Team were invited to a private ceremony at the Regional Headquarters. In addition to formally introducing new members of the team, Colonel Anderson wanted an opportunity to recognize the superlative actions of Alpha Team and personally oversee promotions. Included in the room were Captain Hawksclaw, Sergeant Major Longtail (recently promoted), Sergeant Ravenwood, and her husband Sir Regillus of House Wolfhaven. Also in attendance were the current survivors of the team, along with the recently retired Master Daynore. Sadly, Colonel Wolfhaven himself could not attend as he is at the Northern Front. RFC Grendel was Promoted to Corporal Corporal Nexus Zathaln was Promoted to Sergeant and given official diplomatic posting RFC Ranna was given personal Commendation for her valor. After the ceremony, Colonel Anderson hosted a small reception and mingle. None of Alpha Team, of any generation, seemed particularly enthused. Though, must ado was made over the Nexus’ surprising reproductive ability as she seemed to accumulate children at a staggering rate. RFC Moldova lamented that her child had yet to be born. Later that evening, far after hours, Ranger Aronzo arrived. Colonel Anderson spoke with him briefly, privately. Afterwards, I was instructed to draw up paperwork to assign him to Alpha Team. Captain Volstagg’s retinue arrives in Eldara mid day. They depart via ship down the Shaintar River that same eve. Dark Moons 13th, 3126 The following morning, the NEW Alpha Team was gathered in Colonel Anderson’s office for the official signing ceremony. Corporal Sssahliissstah, Ranger Ingrid, Ranger Armiar, and Ranger Aronzo all join Alpha Team effective the 13th of Dark Moons, 3126, having all previously completed their basic training. The new command structure was established. Newly minted Corporal Grendel commands Alpha Team, Corporal Sssahliissstah in second. RFC Ranna serves as third in command. After the signing, Colonel Anderson assigned the team their first mission. The Royal Sheriff of Echer’Naught, Sir Halten, has reported an issue with the tax collection in the Northern Baronies. Apparently, the gold arriving in the city is less than reported by the Barons, and yet, no investigation has been able to determine how, or when, said gold has been taken. Once assigned, and Corporal Grendel, and RFC Ranna accept the mission, Alpha Team is dimissed. As they depart, a new Ranger Trainee, McKenzie Shan enters. With a recommendation for Alpha Team, Colonel Anderson asks Corporal Grendel to return, and accept the newest member of the team. Having not completed her training Ranger Trainee McKenzie Shan joins Alpha Team in the light green cloak of a Trainee. Outside, I noted the team stopping to discuss plans, and were met by Colonel Wolfhaven’s son, Sergeant Alfred Wolfhaven and Eve. Afterwards, the Sergeant had private words with Colonel Anderson. I also learned that Trokash visited the Rangers, buying them lunch, he “sold” back to Grendel his everwood club, and Ranna’s greater crossbow. Both ogres declined the golden plate. It would seem that the infamous trader managed to loot the battlefield where the team had been captured and was turning a profit selling personal items back to the Rangers. Despicable. While Trokash did not approach the Rangers, I know that he personally delivered Thorgram’s shield to Baroness Wolfhaven. He also returned Volstagg’s armor, sword, and Lady Zathlan’s hammer. I am unsure his “angle” but I dislike the Rangers having any business dealings with the orc. He is oily. During this time, I also had the unfortunate duty to route the last will and testaments of RFC Danica, and the former Ranger Zulcrum to the proper authorities, as well as, have Sergeant Amaroth’s Will delivered to RFC Moldova. Danica left Muriel and King to Grek and Lieutenant Celebor. When contact, Celebor declined to travel all the way to Almahrad to fetch them, preferring to send Tina, Tiny, and Max…the goats. Ascended preserve us all. Thomas left his armor, which was also added to the Vault. Continued:

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