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Dragon Cult

Camellia "Ellie"


Name: Camellia "Ellie"

Race: Aevakar

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5

Weight: 88 lbs

Physical Appearance: She has a lean and slender frame and a youthful-looking and slightly rounder face (while still keeping her petite aevakar features). She has a rose-pink pixie-cut hairstyle and her wings match her hair color. Her eyes are bright and aqua colored, and her skin is pale and has a slight pink opalescent tint. She wears a glass amulet shaped like a glass bird she was given as a child, worn around her neck.

Archetype: Priestess of Light

Armor/Clothes: Wears light scale armor that mainly covers her chest and arms, with robes stretching past her knees. Wears knee-high boots.

Weapons and Gear: Bears a white two-handed spear, has three javelins on her back strap. carries a backpack/satchel, medical supplies, and has scriptures/scrolls.

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