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Young PUNs

Attempting to Evade PK's


As we race for the safe house trying to lose any tails we might have had on us. Alas we were headed off, and the noose tightened from behind with people that we knew, I hate running from people we have worked with, but without knowing exactly where I stand in this I can't let myself get caught. I dodge around and using distractions and fake ID's I escape the noose but one of ours is caught and arrested. Not sure what fate will befall him if we don't get him out, not sure how to get him out. Not sure if the church or the PK's or the corporations are the main ones hunting us, who to trust? All I want is to fix things and protect the weak. Yes maybe trying to fix things when I really didn't know how or what might not have been the best thing, I had no idea that the pipes I fixed way back had other leaks further away that needed fixed before the water got turned back on.. yes flooding a large area is likely what got me involved in this mess, but, what can I fix to get out of this mess?

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