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Tomorrow Knights

Attack on Little Kentucky


Major attack on Little Kentucky, the US/NATO base in Shan State, Myanmar (where all operations into The Zone are conducted), fighting a centipede worm the size of a house and naga snake-men.

File name: BUM-127 Classification Top Secret, SPA LEVEL.

Transcript with notes of interview with Sergeant Bjørn Møller, aka Bum. Special force operative of the Danish Frogman Corps. (In danish Frømandskorpset)(See file BUM-1 and 2 for reference and service record.)

Interview conducted by SPA researcher Stylo Pheron.

Date September 9th 2027. (Day after a major attack on Little Kentucky. See file LK-D-37, for reference.)



SPA - Welcome mr. Moeller, have a seat.

Bum - Thanks (Followed by a little chuckle)

SPA - Thank you for coming, I know your busy preparing for a recon mission.(See file BUM-130 and 131 for futher details)
      My condolences on the loss of your squad mates.

Bum - Thank you I guess, can we get on with it. I still need to pick up explosives and magnisium bombs, before returning to the zone.

SPA - Certainly, formality first. The date is september 9th, 2027, time 09.37 Zulu. This session is recorded and filmed, for the use for research by the SPA. With the option to share it with other agencies and institutions as seen fit by the SPA. Interview conducted by SPA researcher Stylo Pheron. State your name and rank mr. Moeller and if you comply with the conditions of this interview.

Bum - Name is Bjørn Møller, Sergeant. And I comply as ordered to the conditions of this interview.

SPA - Mr. Moeller. Describe to the best of your recollection, the events, that lead you to a close encounter with the Centi-Worm, yesterday during the attack on Little Kentucky. (Centi-Worm, the name of the house sized worm like creature that spearheded the attack on Little Kentucky. (See file LK-D-37 for details. And see file FC-Worm-1 and 2 for details on the worm and it's proper latin name.)

Bum - So in the middle of the night, I as the rest of the base awoke, by the sound of alarms blaring, yelling and shots being fired. I and the rest of the platoon quickly dressed and grabbed our weapons and tactical gear. Then ran out to the chaos of the attack on the base. There was confusion and milling about everywhere, while various officers, tried to rally the troops. We quickly deployed to the perimeter of the base, from where the base was attacked. The Miasma had apparently pushed forward during the night, and the enemy had seen an opportunity to launch an attack on our base. Still unsure, why the base have been placed this close to the zone. But here we are. When we got close to the perimeter, the battle went from hellish to cataclysmic, as we were confronted with a massive worm the size of a house. The worm you referenced Centi-Worm. Scaly body, sprouting dozens of legs, after it emerged from the ground, violently. Had a mouth not unlike the Sarlacc of the oldest star wars movies. (Interviewee is referencing the Movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 1983.)

SPA - Tell me of your engagement with the Centi-Worm.

Bum - I was put in charge of Squad 2. We together with squad 1 was ordered to engage the worm. While Squad 3 would try and save the men in the watch towers. Succesfully I would like to add.
Squad 2 and I, moved down the left flank, firing at the worm, while it transformed from its burrowing state, to land walking state. Squad 1 doing the same, while keeping Bob safe.(Bob being the squads null, see file BOB-1 to 5 for details).
Together with Eve and Jones.(See file EVE-1 and JONES.7-1 for details) We commandeered a truck. Jones driving, may his soul hunt our enemies.(Jones was KIA during the battle.) While Eve and I, clampered unto the roof, grabbing the camouflage net on the roof, spreading it out as a fishermans net. And as Jones did a driveby on the worm, Eve and I jumped with the net. Now the worm was the size of a house, so I knew, that we would not be able to pin the worm. My hope was to some extent, distract it, by time for heavy weapons to do some damage. And possible nullify it's mouth, which I was fearing could eat up tanks. Now Eve and I ended up hanging from each side of each mouth, being somewhat succesful in covering it's mouth in the net. And the worm was distracted, as it didn't move around too much. While trying to get free the net. I surmise that we somehow, was irritating one or more of it's senses, as it didn't really deal with bigger issues, than two small humans on it's body. As I did not see any soft spot or sensory organs in my vicinity, both Eve and I threw grenades into it's mouth. Which by how the worm roared, hurt it quite a bit. Eve was lucky to stay outside, clinging to the net, while the worm tried to swallow me, as it started to chew down the net. It was a rather unpleasant time inside the worm. But it gave me the opportunity to drop my 2nd greanade, which unfortunately was a dud. Unsure if the grenade was a dud from the beginning or if it was corroded by the mucus of the worm. I mean I have rashes here and there, where the worm saliva was in contact with my skin. But I guess you SPA guys have the grenade, I mean you are the ones dissecting the thing after all.

SPA - Well I will give the word to those working on the worm, to look out for your grenade, I guess it could be a work hazard, give me a second.(SPA researcher Stylo Pheron leaves the room for 97 seconds, logs show he made a call to head researcher of the Centi-worm dissection. Possible to warn him of the unexploded ordenance inside the worm.)

SPA - Sorry about that, continue Mr. Moeller.

Bum - Yeah sure, so there I was hanging, when the attack choppers finally started shooting. There heavy rounds, tearing into the flesh of the worm. I am not sure how long I was inside the mouth of the worm, but those seconds later I and EVE was tossed free, as the worm collapsed. Sadly it toppled onto the Truck with Jones inside it. Apparently he had got stuck, in the loose soil and mud after the worms appearing. And the battlefield had turned even more crazy. I mean movies don't even compare to this crazyness. I was thrown into water, which I was told had appeared like a tidalwave from the hole the worm had burrowed. And as I sought cover, among the wreckage of the truck and the dead worm. I could spot a circle and proctive line of man sized snake creatures.(See file FC-Naga-1 and 2 for reference.) They were chanting something, all together, holding hands. Not unlike those witch ritual circle you see in fantasy movies and tv shows, when they are summoning demons and doing magic. I can't tell if they were doing it, or something else. But a massive wall of water was being created between them and the base. Not sure what there goal was. But I Ordered Eve to run to the safe side of the barrier, while I improvised. Ducktaping various fragments, scales and worm teeth to my stun grenade. My plan was to take out the circle. But battlefield conditions was chaotic, so I was only able to kill one. But the rest was taken out by combined rifle fire. While the Platoon got to safety. With the help of Otto(See file OTTO.PAL-1 and 2 for reference and service record.) who together with squad 1 and Bob had rammed a truck through the water wall, to extract the rest of us. All the while fending off polearm wielding snake monsters. I am thankful the Squad only lost 2 of it's members and one serious injury. I wonder if we with modern technology could make advanced medieval armor. I mean somekind of modern chainmail, that is light and strong, for defensive purposes.
(The next 10 minutes follows a discussion on medieval armor and the current enemy. Not relevant to the situation of the attack on Little Kentucky. See file LK-D-40 through 43, on discussion on reimplementing medieval armor, to use by the personel of the base. And possible use on recon teams.)

SPA - Thank you Mr. Moeller for your time and input. 


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