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Ark Raiders

Ark Raiders Session 8


While trying to navigate the storm, the boat ends up floating backwards with the current toward the rapids ahead. Malthus is panicking. Dana shoulders his pack confident the worst is still something he can handle. Pendle goes to a rope at the bow, but gets knocked off his feet by the currant coming over the bow. He manages to grab the rail as he’s slammed against it. It looks like it should have broke something but he seems fine.

Malthus struggles to get control of the boat as Bolles calls forward from the engine room, “Get ready to abandon ship!” Malthus, as a last attempt to save the vessel before hitting the rocks in the rapids, tries to run it aground. Pendle is still dangling off the front of the boat and the sound of shattering glass comes from the wheelhouse. The boat runs aground while Dana attempts to rescue Pendle but he’s swept away into the rapids. Dana whispers a prayer for his safety. Water is leaking in from a hole in the back of the boat. We get the boat tied down, nail a plank down to get on and off and try to recover supplies.

We set up camp and try to sleep despite being wet and cold, lightning, thunder, and fire streaking the skies in elemental fury. During Malthus’ watch he sees a large winged shadow moving through the clouds. The creature apparently didn’t see us. At daylight, Dana heads down river to search for Pendle while Inessa, Bolles and Malthus deal with the hole in the boat.

After an hour’s travel, Dana sees Pendle on the shore of the river in the mud.

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