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Ark Raiders

Ark Raiders Session 7


As the storm strikes sparks attack the vessel with a sheet of electricity. The initial blast seems to have some effect on the others of the crew but Dana feels a mere tingle all over his body. He feels charged and ready for battle to try out his new sword. Malthus shouts for ammunition and Pendle attacks using his knives. Dana attempts to use the fire hose to push the sparks back, but accidentally pulls the hose loose from the pump down below and the sound of water flooding the cargo hold is heard from the deck. Inessa is angered by the accident and rushes for the emergency shut off, yelling at Dana.


The sparks continue their attack using claws and a knife they caught Pendle had thrown. The sparks look like they’re going to attack with sheet lightning again. Pendle gets parried by the spark who is now wielding his dagger. Dana is surrounded by attacking sparks and another group is incoming. He strikes at a pair of them but misses, wishing he’d had more time to grow accustomed to the sword. Bollez blasts one with a shotgun and its remains fall to the ground. The second barrel fires and takes down a second spark. Dana carves the wing off a spark and it flies out of control into the burning reeds. Sheets of lightning cover the deck as guns and sword continue striking down the sparks.


The roof of the wheel house has ignited during the fight and Inessa goes to reattach the hose. Dana and Malthus go for the nozzle end while Pendle is beating out the fire with his shirt. The fire in the reeds is looking like a danger to the ship. Bollez casts off and the ship is moved back to the main channel. We get the roof fire under control and Inessa is patching up wounds with her medical bag, several burns and stab wounds.


We travel down the river hoping the worst of it’s over.

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