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Are Cats Eatable?


We needed to stay around in town while our leader works out some details. I want to go see what is in the surrounding country. I find a lot of what I’d expect, but deep in the forest I smell human blood and an animal I’m not familiar with. I track the smell of blood and find a dead horse and what appears to be a large cat that’s been skinned. There are signs of human blood in tracks going to the east. I easily continue following them until I smell smoke ahead. I’m concerned someone may be setting fire to buildings and rush ahead ready for combat. I enter a clearing to see two people who appear foreign sitting around a campfire trying to treat their wounds. I offer to help and they give me some herbs I recognize as useful in wound recovery. I’m able to stop the bleeding and if they treat the wounds properly, there might not be any scarring. They additionally give me a large bag that’s moving. I’m not sure why they give me more, they already gave me herbs. I accept their gift and they quickly leave. I open a gap in the top of the bag to see what is moving inside and a claw takes a chunk out on my eyebrow. I get the bag shut, growling coming from inside and fix up the bleeding on my brow. I labor to get this large cat filled bag back to town. It’s almost my size and I’m exhausted by the time I get back to town. I sit on the edge of the town square waiting for my ranger group. The bag won’t stop moving and it’s a constant struggle to keep it from tumbling away. At last leader Elanna and the rest of the team show up. I struggle with the large bag, getting it over to Elanna and tell her, “Leader, I have come upon this, do we eat it?” she open the bag and I ready my bow, taking up a strategic position near Vrass. Leader Elanna feeds the beast boar meat from the feast going on and, as a true leader, she tames the wild beast. I don’t trust this new friend I think, as I rub my brow. I hope I don’t regret not eating this beast. Maybe I can ride it if she gets it tame.

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