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Alex Forthill Diary


Alex Forthill Fantasy Grounds Notes & Descriptions Alex is booksmart and hasn't matured fully. Although he may have "perfect" genes, he's still an awkward teenager who lacks experience. He's pledged his soul to the Church of Trinitas and is eternally grateful for being given a second chance. He renounced his delinguent ways and is eager to serve the Church of Trinitas in his new role. Title: Oblate Clothes: Badge of Office Telesma: small symbol of the Church of Trinitas "Praise to the Prophets." (invocation) "That wasn't part of the plan!" Keiretsu = megacorp Trinitas Inspector Abbas Shadid - Freedom's Hierarchy of Emotion, Inspector of the 15th Neuropan Bishopric, carries a staff with two prongs, wearing a sidearm. His cousin runs “Critter”, the local lunch counter Quisitor Margaret Cyrene Peacekeepers are the government police force. Lampades Munitions, a Division of Chakora, part of the manufacturing board Competitors are Orthrus and Panlong, Odel Carbon Labs. They were smuggling strange creatures out in their munitions shipments. We traced the munitions shipments to a customs armory where The Hawks street gang attacked us. We met Murmur who told us The Hawks have ties to Chakora. Murmur, Priest of the Cult of Ascendancy of technophiles investigated the armory incident. Operates out of "The Drain" Liam got a job to sabotage a hydroponics production facility which Orthrus keiretsu owns Plekavac Agriculture (and the entire tower). Plekavac is on floors 58-66. Orthrus has High-threat Response (HTR) teams. Someone else bombed Plekavac and infiltrated their R&D dept looking for us to take the fall. We barely escape and regrouped at the local bar. Later, we saw emergency vehicles and contacted Murmur who told us to meet him at the incident site. There we encountered two Stalkers who bit everyone and then ran off. We managed to infiltrate the burning, collapsing building, downloaded some computer files with the codeword “Stalker” on them, and found several strange “tools” (surgical instruments?) in their R&D lab. I asked for Trinitas’ Vision (Detect Arcana) and saw that they were radiating strong, sickly energies. We again barely escape as the building collapsed and then found places to crash to get some rest. Liam, Tom, and I holed up in a cheap hotel while Mariah absconded with the artifacts. When we woke up we discovered that the entire building had been evacuated and quarantined by Peacekeepers who wouldn’t let us leave. Anyone who had any contact with us had been killed and placed in the building. (Later we found out that this was due to our contact with the Stalkers.) Liam found us a route out of the building through the maintenance tunnels in the building’s sublevels where we eventually found our way down to the rocky mining tunnels. A dwarf then discovered us and led us back to The Drain. We got word to Murmur who informed us that we have been infected with the Stalker virus and that Mariah had made her way to Inspector Shadid’s building where she was locked in. (Presumably because she had been exposed to the virus, as well.) Liam, Tom, and I proceeded to “rescue” Mariah from the Inspector’s building which was being observed by undercover agents. We fled across Gatherall and made our way to a makeshift underwater vehicle in an attempt to leave the city…

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