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Free Musketeers

Airships and the Duc

MR23/Untamed Empires

In the heart of the maelstrom, the church is battered by driving, electrically charged rain. The Baron and his party have prudently retreated from their vantage point in the bell tower. The storm howls around them like a living thing, trying to break into their place of sanctuary.

Lieutenant Alairyn has seen eyes of burning fire. The priestess in the church prays against evil. Hendryk, the celestium engineer muses that sorcery can be dispersed, with planning and time.

But the Baron’s party has neither. Action is required now. Some...thing...hammers on the church door. There is no time to lose. Pews are carried and thrust to bar the doors. Still the unholy hammering continues. Whatever is out there, it wants to get in.

Then, a lull. The wind drops. The rain falls, but gentler. The eye of the storm?

The young Duchesse looks out, eyes enhanced with the miracle of celestium.

She sees...hope, love and happiness.

A polite knock on the door now. “Acasia my sweet, come to me...”

The young Duchesse is no fool. “You are not my father”.

“Actually, I am....”

Looking out of the window, all can see a handsome man of middle age, confident and smiling. The Duchesse runs to unbar the door. If this is cursed sorcery, then it’s very good indeed. The hasty barricade is removed and the Duchesse is reunited with the man who claims to be her father, the recently lost Duc of Floricche.

In the shattered harbour of Solrayon-sur-mer, two ships can be seen. Wonderful ships, with balloons instead of sails and enough celestium to satisfy the wildest dreams of shipwright and engineer alike.

The servant Thomas is told to ride to the Comte, to report this most unexpected development. The Baron’s party and the young Duchesse are invited to board her father’s most splendid ships. These are weapons that could crush Albion’s navy into matchwood. Who could refuse?

The Duc explains when they are aboard. He has been to an amazing place, deep in the Setward Isles, where the inhabitants upgraded his ships using a celestium device. He returned to the Empires to hear that his daughter had been abducted. This is why he attacked and destroyed the harbour of Besiar. His craft had also been shadowed by a ghost ship, shrouded in magic.

It is a tale worthy of a troubadour.

It is a tale with many loose ends.

The Baron talks with the Duc, about how he summons the storm. It is of course complicated, but perhaps with time and some supplies, more information can be given. The Duc shows them on the map where the wonderful place that refitted his ships are. He is no enemy of the Emperor (despite having torched a village and a town).

The Duchesse needs to speak to her father. It’s complicated, your father coming back from the dead and trumping your claim to your throne. The rest of the party retire to the Comte’s house, to explain that the

power that destroyed Solrayon-sur-mer is not an enemy, although it remains to be seen if it will be a friend.

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