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Acasia Garriballdi Backstory

MR23/Untamed Empires

Acasia Garriballdi was born 12 years ago on the 14th day of the month of flame to Duke and Duchess Garriballdi of the trade nation of Florriche. Her early days were spent under the care of her attendant and teacher, Vincint. She found early on she had a connection to people and animals that seemed unnatural. She could sense the emotions of others and especially with animals, she would put even hostile beasts at ease. She loved going to church on prayer day and singing songs to Trinity and hearing the sermons.

Unfortunately, at age eight, an assassination attempt on the Garriballdi family happened. Someone was able to poison Acasia, her three brothers and her mother. Acasia was the only one that survived, but over the next few months, her vision faded as her eyes turned white. Her father was away at the time on business, and was heart broke. On his return. he’d brought Acasia a young black panther with a celestium ridge down its back. Acasia and the panther, which she named Celest, bonded immediately and are inseparable. With her vision gone as a result of the poisoning, Acasia finds it hard to trust others, but knows she is also forced to trust. When her mother passed, Acasia began to learn from the trustees of her father’s estate ways to manage the wealth. She doesn’t enjoy accounting and managing the decisions of the duchy, but she enjoys meeting new people and balls and plays.

As of six months ago, Acasia’a father was supposed to have returned from a business trip to the Setward Isles and didn’t. Acasia withdrew more and more until three months ago her father was declared dead according to the laws of the sea. She’s now forced to deal with the duchy’s affairs and is just passed the mourning phase and is glad as black is terrible in the heat of the month of Death.

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