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Free Musketeers

A Fisherman's Tale

MR23/Untamed Empires

Chère Madame D’Euterpe,

I hope this letter finds you well. You might already have heard about the events which occurred during the Compte Solrayon’s soirée.

I wish to let you know that I am well, if not somewhat shaken by that cowardly attack. However, I find that I must delay my next plans. I was asked, or rather, I have been employed by Baron Bernard D’Arbre to accompany him and his man to Sardonée, to speak to the choirmaster on his behalf. It might take a few weeks of travel, but I am being paid five thousand coins for this task, as well as an opportunity to forge some connections.


The letter went on for a little bit longer, though Megane kept it brief as she had very little time before joining the Baron and Alairyn for their visit to the town of Solrayon-sur-Mer. She ended it with a flourished signature, before securing it with wax and the Euterpe seal. The singer left the letter with a servant, along with a generous tip to ensure her discretion.

At the village, Megane stuck mostly to the side of Alairyn, letting him handle most of the talking, while the Baron simply strode on his own towards the hills. The musician enjoyed watching the sailors and other villagers working at their trades. Honest work, she thought, despite the obvious smuggling ring that was going around. If this was the way that they could get access to some riches and luxuries, then what was the harm? As long as they were not conspiring with Albions, then she had no trouble ignoring the signs.

They learned from the villagers, and the Baron’s own investigation, that more Albions had been seen disembarking alongside the four that had attacked them the previous night. Megane was at first worried that they might be hiding among the population, perhaps planning on assassinating the Comte! However, the Baron and his man seemed to believe that these spies might be after the same goal as they were.

There was not a moment to waste! However, the singer noticed the blond man seemed more interested in finding more information while the Baron appeared to just want to dash away. He easily negotiated an hour while Bernard would set things in motion and call forth reinforcement from his own men to protect the estate and town. Off he went, and Megane imagined with a light smile how he was leaving a cloud of dust in his footsteps.

While the blond man wanted to spend some time in the tavern, Megane strolled back to the quay to speak once more with its mistress, Esmée, a savvy woman she found captivating. She did not feel there was much more she could get out of her about last night’s events, but the singer did not shy away from questioning her about her work and her life in general. Their talk took an abrupt end as a ship approached, one that was heavily hinted to be led by smugglers, and which required Esmée’s full attention. The clock was ticking, however, and the pair had to return to the estate where the Baron had gotten every available servant to fix horses, and their belongings, for their imminent departure. Megane found herself wishing she had had the chance to change into more comfortable travelling clothes, fearing that this would be far from a leisure trip.

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