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Free Musketeers

8. New Horizons Ahead

MR23/Untamed Empires

Solrayon-sur-Mer, Monday, 5th of the Tree, Y119


Chère Madame D’Euterpe,


There has been much discussions around the ships and the Duc. This morning, we went to visit him and he was apologetic about the damage he caused, and assured that the Garibaldi House will provide for the costs.


The Duc also offered his help to share knowledge about their construction and technology, which the Baron and Comte happily accepted.


On an unrelated note, I have been awoken quite early this morning by a lovely melody. It seems there is a nest of magpies outside my windowsill. I debated with myself for a moment whether I should join them or not, as I worried it might awake someone in the household. In the end, I realised I could hum along discreetly and not bother anyone, while still enjoying their company and contribute to their melody. I believe I once read that magpies gather many unusual items for their nests, sometimes borrowed from our own houses. I do wonder what you make of these adorable little thieves, my dear mentor.


Unless I am mistaken, we shall be leaving shortly for these lands still unknown to us, which means I will be unable to send these missives to you for some time. I shall continue writing them and, Trinity allows, you will receive them in a neat little package upon our return.


Cordially yours,

Megane D’Euterpe

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