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Free Musketeers

6&7 - The Eyes of the Storm

MR23/Untamed Empires

Solrayon-sur-Mer, Prayerday, 4th of Tree, Y119


Chère Madame D’Euterpe,


I am unsure where to begin. It feels as if every day is surpassing itself in its craziness. We finally arrived at Solrayon-sur-Mer earlier today and all was well until Albions ships were spotted by the baron’s new Celestium engineer, Hendryk. A first evacuation happened. You have indeed read it correctly, a first one. Once it was understood that they were not here to attack us, but rather somehow retrieve some of their men, then things went back to normal and we thought, or at least I did, that we could finally enjoy a quiet and calm evening.


Dinner was fine, as has always been the case at the Comte’s house. However, news came of a strange storm, approaching at an alarming pace. The Baron began worrying that it could be one such as we encountered in Besiar, and convinced the Comte to call for the second evacuation. The Baron and his man-made plans to observe the storm more closely and hopefully learn more about it, thus we gathered with many villagers in the church. I cannot lie, it was rather frightening to stand inside Trinity’s own home, with the atmosphere filled with fright and anguish.


I cannot say why, but I followed Alairyn up the bell tower to get a closer look. I suppose, even in these dire circumstances, I was curious about it. You have told me multiple times that curiosity killed the cat, and it almost did as I slipped and would have fallen to my death without his quick thinking and reflexes. I have to admit, the view was worth it, considering I did survive it aside from a few palpitations and slight bruises. The storm looked from out of this world. Lightening and horizontal rain, sheets of fire, dense fog, hot blasting wind and what felt like two giant eyes in the clouds sweeping the lands, as if we stood before a mystical beast from the dark ages.


Then it stopped. All went quiet. Someone mentioned the eye of the storm, but the truth was that the storm had stopped. It was not nature going crazy on us, nor the Albions attacking us, but rather a desperate father searching for his daughter. Indeed, the Duc of Floricche was the one behind both attacks, behind all these needless deaths, as he searched for his daughter, the young Acasia. There are many things I wish I could write about this in this letter, but you have taught me better, so I shall leave it at that. I am aware that you know my stance on these matters.


As for the storm, it was created by the Duc’s flying ships. Again, you must be wondering if I have gone mad or am playing with you with fantastic stories from my imagination, but I am serious. He has had two ships infused by Celestium in some far-away lands, beyond the Setward Isles. I saw it with my own eyes. These people spoke in words unknown to me and looked rather different, both in appearances and the way they dressed. Their skills in forging the Celestium were incredible, they made use of no tools, relying on magic instead.


The young Acasia has remained on the ship with her father. I hope she is safe. We have returned to the Comte’s mansion for now. I suspect there will be more meetings and discussions with the Duc.


Cordially yours,

Megane D’Euterpe

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