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Free Musketeers

5. A Game of Cards

MR23/Untamed Empires

Sardonée, Thursday, 23rt of Death, Yr119


Chère Madame D’Euterpe,

This is my last day in Sardonée, at least for now, for I hope to one day come back for its glorious church and its kind choirmaster. Last night, he opened up the church only for our little group, and granted me the honour and pleasure of accompanying him while he played on its magnificent organ. It was truly an incredible moment, one that I will forever cherish. Perhaps we shall return here together, it would make me very happy to share this place with you, my dear mentor.


I also met a man last night, one that recognised me from many years ago it seems. He attended one of your many soirées, entranced he was by your own incredible talent, of course. I doubt you remember him, though I dare not assume you might not. His name is Emile des Cartes and I found him quite interesting. He has travelled to many places and claims to be some sort of facilitator for businesses between group of individuals, perhaps a mediator of sorts? Sadly, he will remain here, though we are joined by two more travellers on our way to Solrayon-sur-Mer. A man, Hendryk, with whom the Baron played cards last night. He appears to be a Celestium engineer, if I am not mistaken, who will assist the shipwright in regard to the Baron’s fleet plans. Our fifth companion remains the young Duchesse, who will be escorted by her seneschal and her pet, and seems to have business to attend in Solrayon. Given that our little group went from three persons to six adults, a blind child and a panther, I do hope it means we will ride at a more decent pace than the previous time.


Cordially yours,

Megane D’Euterpe

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