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Free Musketeers

4. A Devastating Storm

MR23/Untamed Empires

Sardonée, Tuesday, 21st of Death, Yr119

Chère Madame D’Euterpe,

I am now back in Sardonée. It feels as if we left just this morning, yet we have ridden all the way to Beziar and back. I wish I had good and positive things to say about our King’s shipyard. I was expecting a majestic vision of ships in various stages of completion, my imagination running a little wild perhaps as I tried to picture how men build these gigantic vessels and the sorts of impossible tools they must require to reach such heights. However, we were greeted by a sight of devastation and horror. We first thought there was an attack on the shipyard, as the Baron was convinced that he heard cannon fire the likes we encountered in Solrayon. Alas, I almost wish he had been right, for I cannot imagine enemy fire doing as much ravage as this monstrous unnatural storm that destroyed ships, docks, buildings and surrounding areas. The Baron asked me if this was some form of magical attack from Albion, but surely no one can master the elements to a degree that could cause such destruction. Surely, no one could be so evil as to willingly unleash something so atrocious against civilians.

We were fortunate to be able to assist with the evacuation of some sailors and artisans, as well as a young duchesse and her entourage. The poor thing is completely blind, but she did not let it affect her as we followed the flow of people, away from the shores.

On a more joyous note, the Baron and his man Alairyn did manage to find the choirmaster’s twin brother, Jean-Paul Chasseur, who is the shipwright they were looking for. He has now accompanied us back to Sardonée, along with the young Duchesse Acasia of Floricche, and I assume we will soon proceed back to Solrayon. I do wonder if my services will still be required. While I would happily avoid another week of intense riding and instead remain in this wonderful city, a growing part of me would like to see the end of this. Perhaps I could use it as an inspiration for a song? One such as those patriotic melodies that both Comte and Baron asked me to sing, not so long ago.

Cordially yours,

Megane D’Euterpe

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